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We are Unabis

Our mission

We are here to help you with taking better care of your health while making fully-informed and safe choices. What’s more, we consider health issues prevention to be the best strategy and are going to open up new ways to your well-being.

Our vision

We believe every person has the power to improve their health for the better and avoid most of the health problems with the help of competent, strategic, and preventative steps. We also believe your well-being, wellness, harmony, and happiness are closer than you might think, and you are only one step away from complementing your everyday routine with premium, safe, and effective CBD products for living in your best health possible.

Our values

Safety and quality assurance

There is no effective self-care without the clear knowledge of what you are going to intake to improve your health. That’s why we keep our production process safe and legally regulated using organic and US-grown hemp exclusively and freely share our independent lab test results.

Taking care of our customers

Starting your self-care journey is always challenging, so we believe there should be somebody to guide you on each stage and share some life-proven experience. We are happy to become your healthcare partner and advisor so that you may always rely on our help and support via instant communication in online chat, email, or by phone.


We are transparent, open, and honest with you, and it will always be the foundation of our relationships. We also take your personal and financial data as seriously as your well-being so you may feel protected at each stage of your CBD journey.

Long-term relations and gratitude

We are grateful to you for choosing us and are quite sure you will be grateful to yourself as well, after complimenting your daily healthcare routine with our CBD products. We also promote equal opportunities for taking care of your health and the health of your loved ones, and that’s why we have flexible family programs, loyalty and referral systems, as well as personalized gifts and bonuses.

Who we are

We are a health-centered team of caring professionals striving to help you with solving your specific health issues using top-notch CBD products. With this ultimate goal in mind, we do our best to provide you with the opportunity to choose the best self-care options while staying fully informed of what you are going to use, what positive results you may expect, and how it may really improve your health and the overall quality of your life. For these reasons, we have found a way to match the highest quality of our products with the highest quality of customer service since we believe these are two equally important components of the best CBD experience you deserve to get.

Premium CBD Products You Can Trust

Full Spectrum Premium CBD Extract

Full-spectrum CBD products are believed to be the best choices you can make when it comes to supporting your well-being with the power of already researched hemp benefits. The full spectrum product is the one that contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids which ensure the expected effect when carefully mixed in one bottle.


We declare and respect your right to know what you are going to consume. That’s why we don’t hesitate to verify the quality of our products with the laboratory testing results you are always welcome to check.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is considered to be one of the best CBD production practices allowing for preserving all the beneficial components while carefully removing THC and other potentially harmful substances. We strictly follow this industry’s standard while manufacturing our CBD products.

Organic MCT Oil

The usage of MCT oil is one more practice we follow since it helps decrease the CBD impact on the liver improving the process of absorption and making it safe, effective, and positive result-promising.

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