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Calm Drops

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  • Superior Full-Spectrum Oil
  • Third-party Lab Tested
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Fully Organic


30 ML


30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Unabis Calm Drops

While emotions are an essential part of human nature, everyone still has the power to manage them in a healthy way. With nature-powered calm drops, you have nothing to worry about anymore – they will help you to restore emotional balance and save your nervous cells keeping you calm and clear-headed. 


  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Non-GMO sunflower lecithin
  • Full-spectrum oil
  • Natural or fruit flavor
  • Monk Fruit
  • Natural and organic product
  • A perfect addition to everyday stress management
  • Fast action and long-lasting effect
  • Different active substance strength and customized serving
  • Don’t wait until being pressured by stress
  • Measure 1-3 drops of oil
  • Take them sublingually and hold drops under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing
  • Use as a part of your everyday self-care routine, before the potentially stressful event, or in the evening for better sleep
  • Follow manufacturer’s instruction
  • Don’t exceed the specified dosage


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Top-notch Full-Spectrum Oil

Premium Calm Drops

Being powered by US-grown plants, our calm tinctures combine other beneficial and organic ingredients to promise an ultimate effect for your well-being. There are also flavonoids, terpenes, and organic essential oils in the compound to strengthen the benefits naturally contained in a plant.


Quality assurance is always a must-do practice when it comes to the product you choose for your health and wellness. That’s why our herbal tinctures are carefully tested by the third-party laboratory so that you may check the detailed compound and get a clear idea of what you are going to consume.

CO2 Extraction

The way of herb processing is a decisive factor for the quality and safety of the final product. We follow the CO2 extraction method in our production cycle since it allows for decreasing the harmful influence on raw materials, carefully removing oil from the plant, and saving most of its beneficial components.

Organic MCT Oil

The presence of MCT oil in the calming drops compound is essential since this is just the ingredient responsible for seamless absorption and quick effect. It is also important for MCT oil to be completely organic so that you may be sure that none of the chemical ingredients affect your liver.

More Than Just Calm Drops

While staying focused on the ultimate quality of our plant, this is not the only benefit the users of our calm tinctures may get. 

Premium customer support

While you are taking care of your health and calmness, it is always pleasant to know that there is somebody who takes care of you as well. That’s why our support team is always near and ready to answer your questions regarding our calm oil range, its quality, purchasing process, shipping, and any other questions you may have. You may get in touch with us instantly by phone, email, or convenient messenger. 

Your purchase is completely protected

Staying private on your health necessities and the choices you make to satisfy them is your ultimate right. Ensuring this right is one more of our priorities, and with this goal in mind, we have embedded the best data protection practices on our website. Your personal and financial data is strictly protected, as well as your purchase – if you aren’t satisfied with the result from our calm drops, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Loyalty Program and Gifts

We love to share! That’s why we share not only the opportunity to be calm, stay balanced and sleep well but also gifts and discounts, in addition to our free shipping to 47 US states.

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Oil Tinctures FAQ

How do calm drops work?

The secret behind the sedative drops lies deep within the human brain. As the central processing unit of our body, it processes signals that we receive from outside and instructs us to react accordingly. The response to stressful events can be different, but it is in our power to manage it. The active substance of the herb-based sedative drops has a direct effect on the brain receptors, helping them to form such reactions that will preserve our nervous system and health in general.

Are Unabis calm drops organic?

Yes, our calm drops powered by herb oil are fully organic since the raw materials are proudly grown in the US according to the best industry practices. There are also no superfluous components in the compound  – only those naturally derived from organic oils for better absorption and less influence on the liver. 

Are Unabis oil drops safe?

Yes, they are completely safe because the source plant they are powered by is processed by the safest and most environmentally friendly method of CO2 extraction. Also, they contain only natural and organic ingredients. Laboratory tests that each product bunch is subjected to is another guarantee of quality and safety, and you can verify this by reviewing lab test results.

Can pets have calm oil?

Yes, cats and dogs may also have these drops. Our pets can, just like us, may feel anxiety or unreasonable fear, and suffer from it. In addition, some dog breeds are very restless and excitable by nature, and in this case, herb-based sedative drops may be the solution. However, it is better to buy calm products that are designed specifically for animals, as it is a safer option for them.

Are calm drops better than other forms of calm products?

Any other natural anti-anxiety remedies can not be considered the worst or the best as it depends on your goal and personal preference. Many users choose calm soothing drops as it is very easy to customize the dosage based on your level of stress, anxiety, and individual response.
Those who do not like the herbal taste often add them to food or drinks. Plus, calm oil has a fast action when taken sublingually – in this case, the receptors on the surface of the tongue contribute to an accelerated reaction. This is also an option for those who do not like to swallow pills and want to be sure of the naturalness of the composition.

How to use your calm drops right?

Before using, read the instructions from the manufacturer. As with any new drug or product you try, you should start with the lowest dose. Two or three drops of the oil will be enough to gauge your response. Further, you can gradually increase the dosage until the desired effect is achieved.

Also, you should determine the optimal time to take the sedative drops. If you are anticipating a stressful event, you can take them 15-20 minutes before it occurs. If you want to improve your sleep, take oil drops half an hour before bed. If you need to stay balanced throughout the day, take them drop by drop at intervals of several hours.

How many drops should I take to feel the desired effect?

Just as the response of your nervous system is individual in relation to different events, it can be individual in relation to calm drops and their dosage. Therefore, start with one or two drops and gradually increase the dosage depending on the effect you feel. Also, the dosage you need depends on the strength of the active substance – the greater its potency, the fewer drops of oil you need.

Is it safe to buy calm drops online?

Yes, it’s safe. What’s more, it is not only safe but also private, since your online purchase is completely protected from prying eyes and public opinion. In addition, as in any offline store, you can always be sure of the quality of the product you are buying.

In the case of calm oil, you just need to look at the results of laboratory testing and contact our support service if you have any questions. We also guarantee money back within 30 days if you are not comfortable with the effect of the soothing drops. However, we kindly suggest using your bottle to the end as it may take longer for your nervous system to return to a stable state.

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