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  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Third-party Lab Tests
  • Extracted with Supercritical CO2
  • Organic Ingredients



30 Gummies


25 MG/gummy


30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

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CBD gummies are tasty and multicolored edibles powered by cannabidiol and perfectly suitable for everyday consumption right on the go as well as sharing with your friends.


  • High-quality marmalade
  • Fruits
  • Cannabidiol
  • CBD infused gummies are perfect for getting started with CBD
  • You don’t need to calculate or measure a dose since it’s already perfectly balanced
  • Funny and colorful gummies work well for everyday mood-enhancing
  • The active component of full-spectrum CBD gummies makes them as positive results promising as any other form of CBD products
  • CBD gummies are also great for sharing with anybody who may want to try CBD products for the first time

To get the most out of CBD gummies follow the next recommendations:

  • Choose the taste you like best
  • Start with one gummi per day and monitor your individual reaction
  • Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ask your healthcare professional for medical advice before getting started with CBD gummies
  • Don’t mix CBD gummy bears with incompatible medicines and/or alcohol
  • Keep CBD gummies away from children


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  • Questions

Top-Notch CBD Gummies

Full Spectrum CBD

All the potential benefits of full-spectrum cannabis products are embedded in the best CBD gummies to help you with achieving a specific health goal and overall health improvement as well.


Before you decide to buy CBD gummies, we kindly invite you to check the results of the independent laboratory testing to be sure of the top-notch quality, as well as legal and manufacturing standards compliance.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is the approach to CBD manufacturing that allows for achieving the perfect balance between final product quality and price. This production method doesn’t deprive the hemp plant of its natural benefits but is still quite affordable.

Organic MCT Oil

Using this oil in the CBD cures products process is one of the best and must-follow practices since MCT oil is responsible for seamless digestion of the active CBD components while reducing the potentially harmful effect on the liver.


The best CBD gummies are only half of the CBD experience you may get with Unabis.

Premium customer support

CBD products may cause some concerns but our support team is here to answer your questions and help you with choosing the best CBD-powered well-being strategy for yourself. You are always welcome to get in touch with us in instant chat, via email, or by phone.

Your purchase is completely protected

Your health and well-being are as important as your personal data protection. That’s why we have followed the best technical practices to ensure the safety of your purchase. What’s more, we suggest you enjoy our free delivery to 50 American states and the 30-days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with our products.

Loyalty Program and Gifts

Cannabis gummies aren’t the only CBD products you may complement your healthcare strategy with. With the aim of making each of your purchases comfortable and enjoyable, we have developed a customer-centric loyalty program, family discounts, referrals systems, and believe there are always some reasons to share gifts with you.

CBD Gummies FAQ

Are CBD gummies addictive?

No, CBD gummies are not addictive, as are any other CBD products that are produced legally and in compliance with manufacturing standards. CBD products that contain less than 0.03 THC (a psychotropic component that can provoke physical and mental changes) are considered safe and non-addictive.

Are CBD gummies as effective as oil?

In fact, it is not entirely correct to compare CBD gummies to other forms of CBD products, such as oil or tinctures. Firstly, all CBD products have the same active ingredient, meaning that, potentially, both the effects and benefits do not change depending on the product.

However, there are also fundamentally different points if we compare CBD gummies and oil. CBD oil is actually absorbed faster than CBD bears, as the latter are edibles and must travel a longer distance before the CBD ingredient enters the bloodstream.

Also, CBD dosage can be different in oil or bears, so before using the product, we recommend that you find out your ideal CBD gummies dosage using our dosage guide.

Are CBD gummies safe to take?

Yes, as with any CBD-powered product, pure CBD gummies are considered safe, according to the research results recently available. However, keep in mind that everybody can react to CBD components in different ways, so even with all the safety, high quality, and open testing results, you should start your CBD experience with the lowest dose possible.

Plus, CBD gummies are great to start with CBD as you don’t have to measure the dose as you do with oil, and their fun-loving look instantly improves the mood. In addition, CBD gummies are visually and subconsciously perceived as a tasty treat and not as a medicine.

How CBD gummies are made?

CBD gummies are made in different ways and each manufacturer has a different approach, within the framework of legal and manufacturing standards, of course. If we try to explain this process in general and in simple terms, then CBD gummies are a mix of gelatin, an active CBD component, and water.

Some manufacturers also add sugar, natural colors, and flavors, fruits, plus you should be aware that not all CBD gummies are vegan exclusively. Some manufacturers use animal-derived gelatin, so be attentive when reading the label on your CBD gummies 1000 mg jar.

Plus, funny and cute bears aren’t the only form of CBD gummies. Some manufacturers also offer these treats in the form of colorful worms, balls, or fruit slices.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

The right answer to this question depends on your current experience with CBD, the personal characteristics of your body, the goal you want to achieve, and the CBD gummies dosage you intend to use. The dose you need will be measured based on your weight and the dose of CBD per bear (usually up to 25 mg of CBD). We always recommend starting with one gummy regardless of weight, experience, or purpose, as the body response can be individual. Plus, you can always get in touch with our support team and get competent advice on CBD products and safe dosages.

Which CBD gummies help with pain?

CBD gummies that are produced according to manufacturing and legal standards are considered to help with the pain of various types. A recent 2020 study found CBD products may be effective in managing non-cancerous pain. Another 2020 study found CBD has good potential for managing chronic pain, especially when it is difficult or nearly impossible to manage pain with traditional therapies.

Moreover, in this case, the form of the product matters the least since the active CBD component will be equally promising no matter what form you take it. CBD gummies are only one but still good options for CBD intake since they are quite tasty, funny and result-promising in one jar.

Why use CBD gummies?

There are many reasons why our clients choose CBD gummies. Here are just a few of them.

  • They are delicious. CBD is a natural and herbal ingredient, so it has a rather specific taste and smell that you can fully experience when choosing CBD oil. However, not all users like the natural CBD taste and oily aftertaste, and in this case CBD gummies become a tastier and more diversified choice.
  • They are multi-colored. Multicolored bears cheer you up at first sight, and a good mood is always an important component of overall well-being.
  • They are cool. Unlike capsules, oils, or tinctures, CBD gummies are not perceived as medicine. They are perceived as delicious “vitamins” for everyday usage. Plus, bears aren’t your only option. Multi-colored worms also look quite fun while having all the potential benefits any other CBD products have.
  • They can be very effective. All of the already researched and proven benefits of CBD products can rightfully be mentioned while talking about CBD gummies. According to information currently available, they can help cope with insomnia, irritability, anxiety, stress, depression, and pain, including chronic pain.
  • They are convenient to use on the go. CBD gummies are a good option for people with active lifestyles as you can consume the bears right on the go.
  • They are manufactured using high-quality gelatin. Unabis CBD gummies are made from high-quality ingredients, which allows our customers to be calm about their individual reactions and predict them.
  • We’re always here to answer your questions about CBD gummies or other CBD products. In addition to the high quality of the product, we stand for high-quality service, and this is another reason why our customers choose CBD gummies and other CBD-powered products from us.

Will CBD gummies make you sleep?

There are many studies that point to the potential of CBD products to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, stress influence, and even fight insomnia. According to the information currently confirmed, CBD products help relieve symptoms of sleep disorders in most cases, and the likelihood of side effects is quite low.

Thus, CBD gummies can also be used to combat mental health disorders, including sleep disturbances. However, if you want to take CBD bears for sleep management, you need to come up with the most appropriate strategy for you personally. CBD bears are the slowest to be absorbed, so it is likely to be the right decision to take them throughout the day in even doses to achieve a cumulative effect towards the night. 

Also, if you are struggling with help disorders and insomnia, get started with our article dwelling on the effects of CBD for sleep and proceed with the guide on choosing the right CBD dosage to cope with your sleep problem.

Will CBD gummies help with depression?

Mental diseases are quite difficult to treat and study since they are most often the result of a combination of both physical and psychological factors. As for depression, according to statistics, this is one of the most widespread mental disorders globally, but, in general, doctors are able to cope with its manifestation with the help of medication and psychotherapy.

However, sedatives and antidepressants very often have serious side effects, not to mention addiction, and therefore many depression sufferers switch their attention to CBD as an option to help. And scientific research does indeed support CBD’s potential for fighting depression.

2014 and 2018 animal studies show CBD can help manage anxiety and depression. A 2020 study conducted in New Zealand and involved people also found that focus group participants experienced relief from depression symptoms. Plus, this is not the only positive CBD effect found in this study.

So, using CBD gummies to combat depression may be an option. In this case, the active CBD component will act on the nervous system, namely, interact with the serotonin receptors in the brain to level the symptoms of depression.

Where to buy CBD gummies near me?

We are well aware that CBD products can cause some concern, mainly due to the stereotypes that surround them, and the research process that is still going on. Therefore, choosing a reliable CBD brand is essential if you are serious about improving your health and wellness with CBD-powered products. 

And that’s why we, at Unabis, consider your health, the quality of the CBD products, and the quality of the customer service to be equally important parts of the really safe and efficient CBD experience. Choosing CBD gummies or any other CBD products on our website, you are always welcome to get in touch with our friendly support team, ask them any questions you need competent answers to, and personally check the quality of each bunch of CBD products supplied.

What’s more, to make our products affordable and accessible for everyone in need of quality self-care goods, we ship them for free to 50 states as well as gladly provide you with a 10% discount on your first purchase.

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