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CBD in California

The great news is that CBD is legal in California, thanks to recent changes in the law. Now, this state clearly differentiates medical marijuana and CBD products. So, if you’re planning to buy CBD in California to get relief or just to feel better, Unabis is at your service with its products compliant with all regulations.


In California, CBD isn’t something challenging to find, given the abundance of shops. But if you’re planning to buy a reliable and top-notch product, then Unabis is definitely what you need to try. What’s more, you won’t have any doubts, as you can find all information about Unabis products and look through the lab tests available online. Get your CBD right now with the current discount opportunity of 30% with a CBDINCALIFORNIA coupon. For now, you can benefit from two outstanding products. Besides, our shop ships to any place in California. So, if you value the tested and regulated quality, Unabis is the best shop for you.

CBD Gummies in California

Chewing for your health sounds excellent, and with Unabis, you’ll get one of the best CBD Gummies available in California.

CBD Tinctures in California

CBD Tinctures at Unabis represents the wonderful diversity of tastes that are at your disposal instantly!


When shopping in California, you will have an impressive number of places you can acquire CBD products. However, it may seem that everything related to legalizing CBD is open and easy to comply with. Actually, there are many regulations and requirements for these shops. There are some interesting things to know when buying CBD in California.

First of all, don’t forget about the age restriction regarding how you can buy CBD oil in California. When visiting a local shop, prepare your ID showing that you’re 21 or older. Secondly, it’s legal to grow cannabis in California, provided that the CBD growers do everything in accordance with laws. Moreover, don’t forget that in California, the CBD shops are obliged to provide information about the product, testing results, and manufacturing details.

Is CBD Legal In California

Is CBD oil legal in California? First of all, despite the complexity of the laws, there’s one clear fact that CBD is legal in this state. That’s good news, and thus, buying CBD oil in California won’t be deemed illegal or won’t require some kind of paper allowing you to use it. Of course, there are some restrictions specific to this state, and, for example, if you’re not 21, you’re not eligible to buy CBD according to California CBD laws, unless it’s not prescribed for medicinal purposes.

CBD Laws In California

Throughout the state’s history, it has been debated whether CBD oil should be legal in California. Despite the complexity of California CBD laws, CBD is considered legal. One of the main laws to look at is Senate Bill 420 that focuses on CBD used for medicinal purposes. Also, other essential regulations are described in the California Food And Agricultural Code. Within these documents, there are recent descriptions of legalizing the law regarding CBD. Besides the age restriction on CBD for medical and recreational use to be used for recreational purposes, such products are required to be only used personally and can’t be used in public places.

Licensing Requirements For CBD in California

Even with the changes in 2018 regarding the CBD laws in California, this product is considered as the by-product of marijuana, and thus, it has some restrictions like mentioned above, age, and place of use. Licensing requirements to sell the CBD products aren’t strict, yet, according to CBD laws making CBD oil legal in California have some restrictions to comply with. Unless CBD oil in California isn’t infused in beverages and food, CBD can be sold freely. Those interested in selling CBD oil in California must contact BCC (Bureau of Cannabis Control) to get the licenses for selling CBD.

Cultivation Requirements

Is the cultivation of CBD oil legal in California? Since the laws have become more flexible, the cultivation of CBD has become an important issue of discussion. So, according to the Code of Regulations on Food And Agriculture, there are some crucial requirements depicted in the document of Industrial Hemp Cultivation making cultivation of CBD in California legal.

The first requirement is the fees to be paid. Then, it’s about regulations on how cultivation is going to proceed. All should be done according to an accepted list of approved seed cultivars depicted in the legislation. Then, the cultivation process should be compliant with sampling procedures according to the legislation. In short, although it seems a bit flexible, the CBD cultivation in California is to be compliant with a detailed description of California laws.

Labeling Requirements

When it comes to labeling, 2 sections must include the information that you should be aware of before buying CBD oil in California. One is shown in the product-Primary Panel. The second is the Informational Panel. Each of them has its own requirement. For example, for the former one, there should be included the following:

  • information about product identity
  • universal symbol
  • volume

For the latter, there should be included the following:

  • contact/manufacturer details
  • packaging info
  • statement of government warning
  • info about possible allergens


If you want to find excellent and reliable CBD oil that is legal in California, you should be sure about the labeling. According to the requirement, labels are to show information clearly and readably, use the English language with a minimum font of 6, and there should be a label on the outer layer of the product. Thus, when buying CBD oil in California, you better have a look at the label to be sure to have a legal product.

Testing Requirements

Since 2018, the testing requirements have become much stricter in many terms when it comes to buying CBD oil in California. So, before a product is on the shelf in a dispensary shop or online, it has to pass through lab testing requirements so that you’ll get the maximum benefit from a clean and not ‘high’ product. First of all, the testing requires to include the following in milligrams,:

  • THC
  • THCA
  • CBN
  • CBG
  • CBD
  • CBDA

The next requirement is to test the product to check the following before buying any product including CBD oil in California:

  • analytes
  • heavy metals
  • homogeneity
  • dirt
  • pesticides
  • mycotoxins
  • other factors

So, if to get it clear, the product should be clean and eligible to be used, be it for medicinal or recreational purposes. With Unabis, you’ll get the products of the best quality given the following conditions:

  • they’re checked and tested
  • they’re pure and don’t include heavy metals
  • they’re free from filth and foreign materials

Where To Buy CBD Oil In California?

Now that CBD oil is legal in California and you’re at least 21, you may need to know where to buy your future CBD product. However, the central dilemma is whether you need to shop from local dispensary shops or online. Time to reveal how to buy CBD oil in California more efficiently.

Dispensary Shops In California

The legalization of CBD has paved the way for CBD retailers all over the state. With the various options, you can find as many dispensary shops as you want. However, before you want to go there, you need to be sure that any particular shop is compliant with regulations and restrictions and lab testing results that will promise high quality.

Lab Tests And Licensing

One of the most critical aspects to keep in mind is that any shop’s products must have third-party lab test results. This ensures that your prospective product has undergone everything safely and follows testing requirements. Licensing will provide information about the reliability and legitimacy of the product.


Since any product is supposed to pass through complex testing and manufacturing requirements, it’s not surprising to find out that the prices can be high. However, in offline retail shops, the prices can be even higher due to rents and higher operational costs. So, you better find some shops offering discounts.


The reputation of vendors is what you should never miss. Only those with the best quality will be rumored to be the best choice, and thus, never rush unless you’re sure about the prestige of any offline shop. Pay attention to ratings, customer comments, expert reviews, and so on before acquiring any product.

The Downsides Of Buying CBD Locally In California

Why is it not practical to buy full-spectrum CBD oil in local shops in the California department? First, it’s a bit time-consuming to visit every shop until you find something you need. Secondly, it’s about prices, as local shops tend to be higher than those online, at least  Unabis online shop, where you can find legal CBD oil and other hemp production, will make you happy with its costs. Finally, local shops won’t provide privacy like in the case of online shopping.

Buy CBD Online With California Shopping

Isn’t it great when you can order your CBD product in California sitting at home? Online shopping is convenient, safer, and more affordable. So, if you’re looking somewhere to buy CBD in California, Unabis is the place of quality that is compliant with all regulations and requirements.


Pricing is one of the important factors for buyers, and you can be sure with Unabis online shop, you’ll get your discount. Unlike local shops, there are no extra expenses, so you’ll get the maximum affordable products. Also, don’t hesitate to use your individual promo code to get the best discounts and reasonable pricing for your favorite CBD products. So, if you plan to buy CBD in California, you know which shop is the best for you.

Lab Tests

Online shopping allows customers to look through lab tests in detail. Since much information is accessible online, you won’t have problems finding all the needed data about testing and results about each product, and Unabis isn’t an exception to that. You can find all information about our tinctures and gummies online. Moreover, third-party testing is individually held for each separate batch that undoubtedly raises the credibility among our customers.


Although CBD oil is legal in California, some people tend to hesitate to buy CBD products from local shops. Since online shopping ensures privacy, it’s better to buy your stuff online. With Unabis, all your information is kept private and not disclosed to any third party.

Customer Support

In case you might have some questions related to payment, shipment, selection, and an assortment of products, discounts, and promo codes usage, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team 24\7. You may want to ask many questions, and thus, at Unabis, professional customer support is ready to answer and help you choose your product. What’s more, you can find many useful insights into CBD and its benefits on the site.


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Online Unabis CBD shop is what you need if you want to buy CBD in California. Besides the quality we guarantee, you’ll get the product compliant with all state regulations and requirements. Unabis is your spot where you can buy your product with a chance to get a discount right now. So, your CBD is just a few clicks away from you.

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F.A.Q. CBD in california

Is it safe to buy CBD oil in California dispensaries?

If all regulations and requirements are fulfilled, then it’s okay to buy the product in California. However, it can be challenging to figure out if any CBD product is compliant with California CBD laws, and thus, Unabis is your best choice as everything here is compliant with the recent regulations and requirements regarding buying CBD in California.

Do you need a prescription to buy CBD in California?

According to the legislation regarding CBD in California, you don’t need a prescription to buy CBD in this state. Now, it’s relatively easy to buy CBD oil in California if you’re 21 or above. With Unabis, you can order CBD with just a few clicks as we ship everywhere in California.

How old should you be to buy CBD in California?

According to new laws in this state, you must be at least 21 to buy CBD oil in California from a local or online shop. However, this is not applicable in the case of medical marijuana, which has an age restriction of 18 and above.

Is CBD legal in California 2021?

CBD products are legal in California, provided that shops and stores comply with regulations and requirements stipulated. Thus, you must acquire your CBD products from shops complying with all laws, and therefore, Unabis is an excellent choice as it completely works in accordance with all requirements and laws of California.

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