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CBD in Colorado

Planning to buy CBD in Colorado and don’t know where to do that? With Unabis shop, you’ll get access to the best CBD product with free shipping to Colorado!


Did you know that Unabis offers CBD products in Colorado that are lab tested ensuring maximum levels of safety and quality? What’s more, shipping to any location in Colorado is free, not to mention that you have a 30 days satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you order now, you’ll have a chance to get a 20% discount with a CBDINCOLORADO coupon. Don’t miss a chance to get CBD products shipped for an affordable price. With our shop, you get top-notch quality for reasonable prices.

CBD Gummies in Colorado

CBD gummies are one of the most popular options for taking CBD oil legal in Colorado marijuana industry. It comes in the form of tasty bears which will be a good choice for those who are looking for priced servings and easy to use on the go options. Along with a bright and creative shell, you’ll get the indisputable CBD gummies helper for your overall health and certain problems.

CBD Tinctures in Colorado

One of the best categories you can find at Unabis shop is CBD tinctures. These tinctures containing CBD oil are good when you need high bioavailability and customize serving. Choose your own flavor at the Unabis health food stores.


There are many reasons why CBD in Colorado is popular, it may help alleviate back pain, balance your mood etc. But what do you know about the legal aspects of buying CBD? If you are among those who are not aware of changes in the law, there’s good news. CBD is legal in your state and that’s the main reason you can enjoy their advantages by making a purchase online on our website. Read the information below to get familiar with all the details!


What doesn’t make you high is allowed to make you healthier and happier. Actually, such an idea is behind the legislation of CBD in Colorado. According to recent changes in both federal and state laws, those CBD products containing THC no more than 0.3% are considered legal and allowed to be sold.

Of course, the laws regarding CBD products have undergone lots of problems and have faced lots of hardship, and it’s only now that hemp-derived CBD in Colorado is legal to buy and consume. In other words, current laws have become easier to comprehend, especially with the Farm Bill of 2018, which shed light on the use and selling of CBD.

CBD laws in Colorado

Besides federal laws, hemp cultivation is regulated by CDA (Colorado Department of Agriculture), and such cultivation is considered to be an agricultural commodity with signed law known as SB 18-205, in 2018. According to these regulations, CBD is allowed to be used and consumed infused with food. Don’t forget that any CBD product bought in Colorado shouldn’t contain more than 0.3% of THC.

Licensing Requirements for CBD in Colorado

Any CBD product in Colorado should be sold under a particular licensing granted by the state. First of all, those dealing with CBD should have a state-issued certificate. To get this certificate, a hemp grower organization is supposed to apply in order to get this certificate. The application is to be processed within one month and convince you of the quality of the product.

Cultivation Requirements

When it comes to the cultivation of hemp-derived products, everything should be compliant with both federal and state laws. To get a license for cultivation, you need to apply, and depending on the area of where cultivation will be, you’ll be required to make payments for the place where CBD will be grown. While laws on CBD are less strict, laws regarding marijuana are stricter, as there are about 9 license types for growing medical marijuana. The main difference between hemp and marihuana is in the level of THC contained. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any worries related to the “high-effect”.

Labelling Requirements

Every CBD product in Colorado is supposed to comply with state and federal laws on labeling. The label should include the following information:

  • CBD Amount per serving
  • List of other ingredients
  • Volume or weight information
  • Recommended dosage
  • THC availability (broad or full spectrum)
  • QR or Barcode

Testing Requirements

CBD Colorado products are to be lab-tested before they can be sold or consumed. Thus, growers or dispensaries planning to sell CBD products in Colorado are supposed to send the sample of their products to get them tested. Such testing is performed by third-party laboratories, meaning undergoing independent scrutiny and assessment. The good news is that when buying CBD from Unabis, you’ll get products that are compliant with state laws requiring these products to be :

  • lab tested by third-party
  • free from harmful chemicals
  • free from harmful and heavy metals
  • clean and without any dirt or foreign materials


Where to Buy CBD Oil in Colorado

It’s clear that any CBD Colorado product undergoes strict scrutiny, testing, and monitoring until it becomes eligible for sale. Definitely, much has become clear when it comes to selling and consuming CBD, but don’t forget that everything is to be:

  • complaint with regulation
  • independently tested
  • having clear and informative labeling

It may seem a bit complicated, but no need to worry as every product sold at Unabis shop is transparent and compliant with regulations. If you think that quality matters, then you know the address. But what is better? Is it better to buy from online shops like Unabis or buy CBD Colorado products from local dispensaries?

Dispensary Shops in Colorado

It’s nice to know that instead of using pain relief pills, you can go and buy CBD oil in Colorado from local dispensaries to get rid of pain more naturally. Since the legalization of CBD, much has changed, increasing the number of retailers in the state. However, before making your purchase, be sure that you are to get CBD that is compliant with all regulations. So, no need to rush but spare some time learning about the product. Make use of technologies like QR code via which you can learn more about CBD oil in Colorado.  By doing so, you can learn the following information:

  • whether the product is compliant with state laws
  • list of ingredients
  • manufacturer details

Lab Testing and Licensing

Colorado CBD oil you plan to buy from local shops should include lab results. Besides, unlike some other states, Colorado requires a special license, so before you even start looking through the products, you should check that license. This will ensure that you are about to buy CBD that is not harmful, addictive, and psychoactive. Also, don’t forget to check THC availability before buying any CBD product.


Now that you know that any CBD product is to undergo lots of procedures before it appears on the shelves for sale, the prices will be higher than you may expect. What’s more, the prices can be affected by other factors like rents that local shops are supposed to pay, not to mention logistics and additional operations.


Do you read reviews? You better start if you plan to look for a local shop, as you should know where you should set off. Not every local shop may have an image of a reliable retailer. Simply put, before you even delve into assessing the CBD product in local shops of Colorado, you better spend some time doing your own research to find the shop with better reviews. Reputable dispensaries will have more positive reviews and feedback from real users and consumers.

The Downsides of Buying CBD locally in Colorado

Is it worth going to the local dispensaries in Colorado? First of all, going and assessing CBD products at these shops can be tiring and quite time-consuming. Secondly, it’s not cost-effective at all, as the prices of local shops can be more than average. Finally, some people valuing ultimate privacy are not in favor of going to local dispensaries.

Thus, the best way of getting CBD from Colorado shops is online. Internet stores provide maximum levels of convenience, privacy, and reasonable prices. This is why you should not miss an opportunity to visit our Unabis shop that adds free shipping to the already mentioned benefits of online shopping.

Buy CBD Online with free Colorado shipping!

Planning to buy the best CBD products in Colorado? It means you need an online shop that will provide total transparency in terms of product information and ultimate privacy. All that is possible with Unabis shop and its products of the best quality.


Online shopping is a chance to find the most affordable CBD products in Colorado, and Unabis offers special discounts with a CBDINCOLORADO coupon. You’ll get a 20% discount for this coupon on both gummies and tinctures.

Lab Tests

What makes online shops a safer option is a chance to learn more about the product being sold. On Unabis shop you can do that hassle-free just by clicking on the “lab-tested” icon in the product gallery. Providing lab results is a must for online and offline shops. At Unabis, all our products are lab tested and checked for quality.


Privacy is a must when it comes to buying CBD in Colorado, and that’s why online shops are more appealing in terms of absolute privacy. Thus, the Unabis shop is the best option for you if you plan to get the best CBD in Colorado. Here are the pros you’ll undoubtedly get while cooperating with us:

  • Protection of personal data
  • Safe and secure payment transactions
  • Purchase from the convenience and privacy of your own home

Customer Support

What is better to buy, tinctures or gummies? Are all CBD products gluten-free? All the questions that you may have right now can be answered by a professional team on the site of Unabis shop. Be informed about anything you want before making any purchase online.

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F.A.Q. CBD in Colorado

Is it legal to buy CBD oil in Colorado?

With recent changes in the federal and state laws, much has become clear, and guess what? CBD products in Colorado are totally legal to buy, sell, and consume. Provided you are above 18, you can easily buy your CBD oil from Colorado dispensaries or online shops like Unabis.

Does CBD oil sold in Colorado cause any addiction?

No product containing CBD is reported to cause any addiction. Instead, there are many ongoing studies showing that CBD oil positively affects patients suffering from addiction. In other words, what was believed to be causing addiction is now regarded as a solution to such problems. The main point to keep in mind when buying CBD in Colorado is that any product you buy doesn’t contain THC of more than 0.3%.

Do I need a prescription when buying CBD from Colorado shops?

If you are above 18 and not planning to buy marijuana, you don’t have to provide any prescription. According to state laws, you can buy any product containing CBD without extra docs, thanks to a new regulation in work since 2018. The best way you can get your CBD in Colorado is from a Unabis shop, as here you won’t have to pay for shipping.

Are CBD products in Colorado safe to buy?

That’s a bit of a complicated question. If a product is known to contain CBD, it can be regarded as safe, but the main concern is to what extent the retailer or shop where you get the product is compliant with all regulations. Thus, not to risk your health, you better order your CBD products from the Unabis shop where you can learn more about the products and see lab results proving the quality of tinctures and gummies containing CBD.

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