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CBD in Virginia

Want your CBD experience to be seamless and effective? We have some ideas on where to buy top-notch CBD in Virginia, make sure of its quality, and enjoy some other non-obvious benefits from your purchase.

The Most Popular CBD Products in Virginia

Unabis offers safe, lab-tested high-quality CBD products and ships in any location in Virginia for free with 30 days satisfaction money-back guarantee. Shop now and get a 20% discount with the CBDINVirginia coupon.

CBD Gummies Virginia

CBD gummies are also one more option to buy in Virginia locally or online. Their funny look, predefined dosage of CBD per gummy and the convenience to use on the go are what the users above about them. This is also an option for those who love to share СBD experience with friends.

CBD Tinctures Virginia

CBD tinctures are top CBD products because of their fast and long-lasting effect (according to the user’s reviews) when used sublingually, the opportunity to adjust the CBD strength and dosage according to your health needs and goals, plus use CBD tinctures legally in Virginia, as well as in most US states.


Regardless of the ways you are going to buy CBD oil in Virginia – online or offline, comparing the pros and cons of both approaches and reviewing the current legislation is essential. Despite the fact that CBD is legal in the US according to the Farm Bill 2018, each state regulates the process of manufacturing, selling, and using CBD products differently. Let’s take a look at Virginia CBD laws 2021 to make sure your purchase is safe and law-compliant.

Is CBD Legal in Virginia?

Virginia is one of the 47 US states with CBD-friendly laws, however, there are some specific rules to keep in mind.

CBD Laws in Virginia

Is CBD legal in Virginia? Yes, CBD in Virginia is quite legal but there is a remark. This state defines CBD oil as those that can be used for treatment if it contains “at least five milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC-A) and no more than 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol per dose.”

Also, there are specific requirements for CBD licensing, cultivation, labeling, and usage.

CBD in Virginia Cultivation Requirements

As for CBD cultivation,  Virginia CBD laws have no specific requirements and refer to the Farm Bill 2018 that states general CBD cultivation practices any manufacturer on the US territory should comply with.

However, Virginia allows only five manufacturers (pharmaceutical processors, in the language of the law) to operate in this state – one processor per one health service territory. Unabis CBD products are also produced from the high-quality hemp grown in the US according to the best practices specified by law and generally accepted by the industry.

Licensing Requirements for CBD in Virginia

Virginia CBD laws don’t require CBD manufacturers to have a license. Instead, it is called a permit.  To cultivate and produce hemp legally in this state, each processor should obtain a permit from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service, after filling the corresponding application and providing the necessary documents. What’s more, applying for a permit is quite costly – $10,000 per application, plus there is a permit fee ($60,000) and the annual renewal fee is $10,000.

CBD in Virginia Labeling Requirements

As for CBD Virginia products labeling, Virginian laws make a reference to the federal law, namely Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements (21 CFR 111). According to this legislative act, labeling and packaging of any dietary supplements should be of high-quality and point out the compound of the product, listing all the components.

For example, you may review Unabis labeling and packaging to find out how it should be done to meet the requirements above. The following items must be listed:

  • type of CBD product and its potency
  • manufacturer’ branded name
  • production and expiration day
  • brief instructions on how to use CBD
  • main precautions.

CBD Products Testing Requirements

Also, CBD oil Virginia for sale should be tested in order to assure the quality of the final product. According to the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, CBD manufacturer (processor) should be able to provide the certificate of analysis stating the amount of cannabidiol and THC (if any) in the product compound. This certification should also show that the final product is compliant with regulations of the allowed norms of mycotoxins, heavy metal, and residual solvents, the amount of which should be zero in high-quality CBD products.

The certification of analysis (or, to put it simply, independent lab test results) should be also freely provided and shared with potential CBD users. For example, we publish our lab test results directly on product pages so that you may find out the product compound instantly and stay assured of what you are going to consume.

CBD Usage Rules in Virginia

Despite the fact that CBD oil is legal in Virginia, there are quite specific rules for its consumption for the residents of this state. Thus, those who want to use CBD oil in Virginia, should have a registration in the Virginian Board of Pharmacy and pay a $50 registration fee. In addition to the written certification from this authority, each patient who wants to use CBD should have a kind of recommendation letter for CBD to be used, issued by the healthcare practitioner. The healthcare practitioner should be registered by the Virginian Board of Pharmacy as well. The registration fee and renewal fee for the practitioner are $50 as well.

So, a patient may use CBD, and the doctor may recommend CBD usage only when both of them are registered according to the procedure above. This approach was implemented with the aim of CBD consumption control, and after becoming compliant with these requirements, the patient may buy CBD oil in West Virginia, or on any other territory of the state.



Even despite some specifics of CBD consumption in Virginia, you still have the opportunity to buy it offline or online. Let’s look for the most suitable approach for you.

Buy CBD in Virginia Locally in Dispensary Shops

To buy CBD in Virginia, make sure you are compliant with the requirements above as for the necessary registration and doctor’s recommendation. Also, choosing the right place to shop, pay attention to the other factors.

CBD Oil Virginia Lab Tests and Licensing

All of the five CBD manufacturers that are allowed to operate in Virginia should back up their products by lab tests. As for the resellers, there is no statement obliging them to showcase the results publicly but you still have the right to ask for it and review the testing results instantly. Pay attention to the date of testing and the date of CBD oil packaging to make sure that you review the results of testing the bunch you are about to buy.

Pricing for CBD Oil in Virginia

Allocating a budget to purchase CBD products in a dispensary, keep in mind that you have to pay a $50 registration fee. Thus, you have quite a grounded reason to look for the best price. As a rule, ground-based shops (not only CBD dispensaries but any other stores) have to offer higher prices since they are obliged to pay rent, utilities, salaries, and invest in outdoor advertising.

That’s why you may face overpriced CBD offers. In this case, kindly ask for a discount. Sometimes, it may work, however, in most cases, you either have to become a regular customer or instantly make a big purchase.

P.S. We don’t recommend the latter since if you are a novice CBD user, you should first find out what is the response of your body to CBD. For this purpose, it makes sense to buy only one tincture bottle or gummies jar, and after you are happy with the result, plan your future purchase.

CBD Oil Virginia Reviews

To discover the reviews of the dispensary shop near you, browse Google My Business and Yelp. Most popular stores develop their presence on these platforms since they are great social proof tools. However, don’t believe the reviews blindly  – take into account only those that are specific, refer to certain goods and describe precise results. For example, the statement “I have coped with chronic pain from Lyme disease” sounds more reliable than “I feel much better” in the text of the user review.

Public Opinion

Also, in the case of buying CBD in Virginia locally, there is no way to stay private since you will be asked to showcase the documents confirming your registration as a patient in need of CBD and the recommendation from your doctor. Also, you have to know that a lot of ordinary people (26% of Americans) consider CBD and marijuana to be the same, so you may face some prejudices.  Our life is already quite stressful and sometimes may be publicly discussed, so when buying CBD, you are better to take care of your privacy.

Buy CBD Online with Virginia Shipping

Buying CBD online is one more option. In this case, you still use CBD legally because the Farm Bill allows CBD usage in the case the amount of THC in the compound is equal to or less than 0,3%. Also, Virginian laws don’t state that you have to register and get a doctor’s recommendation in this case but you still have to choose the high-quality product from the transparent brand. Looking for a reliable CBD brand online, take the following factors into account.

Confirmation of Quality for CBD Oil Virginia

Before browsing the product range, make sure the brand is transparent on their production methods since the way hemp is processed directly points to the quality of the final product. There are a lot of approaches to hemp manufacturing, and some of them are quite outdated and potentially harmful. We, at Unabis, use CO2 extraction which is considered a safe and eco-friendly approach, allowing us to decrease the influence of any solvents on the raw materials and save their beneficial properties.

Reasonable Pricing and Discounts to Buy CBD Oil Virginia

As a rule, purchasing any goods online is more affordable since online businesses may avoid a lot of expenses. We support the opinion that the price for CBD products should be reasonable and backed up by the clear value, that is, the top-notch and confirmed quality, and positive health effects, as the result. We are also glad to share a 20% discount with the CBDINVirginia coupon to make your purchase even more budget-friendly.

Lab Tests Instantly Available

The quality and the compound of the CBD product you are going to buy should be confirmed by the instantly available lab test results. Thus, you should have no issues with finding and reviewing them. That’s why we are placing our tests right on the product pages so that you may personally confirm the transparency of our CBD products compound.

Customer Support for CBD Virginia Shoppers

One more benefit of CBD purchase online is the opportunity to get in touch with customer support before placing an order and ask any questions you have anonymously. So, don’t hesitate to contact us – our friendly support team is ready to talk with you by email, phone, or in instant chat.

CBD Virginia Free Shipping

Paying half of the price of CBD tincture or gummies to get your order delivered to your location is disappointing. That’s why we will deliver your purchase for free to any location in Virginia within several business days. Isn’t it one more money-saving opportunity your wallet and health deserve?


Also, buying CBD online with free shipping to Virginia gives you an opportunity to stay private and silent about your purchase. We never share the personal and financial data of our customers with the third-parties; instead, we protect this information with the best online security practices and offer you a 30-day satisfaction and money-back guarantee.


Feel like shopping CBD products online is what you were looking for? You are welcome to do it right here and now, using your 20% discount with CBDINVirginia coupon and free shipping opportunity! 

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F.A.Q. CBD in Virginia

Is CBD legal in Virginia?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in West Virginia, as well as across the territory of the state.

How to get CBD oil in Virginia?

In order to get CBD oil in Virginia locally, you should get the status of the registered patient in the Virginian Board of Pharmacy. Also, you should have the written recommendation issued by the doctor who should also be registered by the authoritative body above. Only these two documents allow for getting CBD products locally, in Virginian dispensary shops. 

However, CBD laws in Virginia have no statement that buying CBD oil Virginia for sale online is possible only under the above requirements as well. Thus, there is a reason to believe that you may buy CBD online and get it delivered to your location being guided by the fact that CBD products are legal to use across the US.

Where to buy CBD oil in Virginia?

As we have stated, you may buy it in dispensary shops locally after being registered by the Virginian Board of Pharmacy and getting a written recommendation from your doctor stating that you may use CBD for health and treatment purposes. Also, you may buy it online right now on our website and get it delivered to your location for free within several business days.

Is CBD hemp oil legal in Virginia?

Hemp oil is legal in Virginia but it shouldn’t contain more than 0,3% THC in its compound. There are also legal requirements dwelling on the process of legal CBD production, labeling, usage, and sale.

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