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CBD in Ohio

Searching for the relevant offers to buy CBD oil in Ohio? You are only one step away from boosting your wellness and wellbeing with the help of or CBD products from the brand you may trust.

The Most Popular CBD Products in Ohio

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There are two of the most popular CBD products our customers from Ohio, US choose frequently. 

CBD Gummies in Ohio

CBD gummies are adored by those users who like to consume CBD right on the go and enjoy their creative look. CBD gummies may take the form of colorful bears, fruit slices, balls, or worms. However, their funny appearance doesn’t mean they are effectless. What’s more, their presized dosage allows you to carefully control the amount of CBD you consume.

CBD Gummies Near in Ohio

CBD tinctures or oils are one of the most popular options for CBD consumption. Most customers note their fast-to-come effect, the opportunity to choose the different strengths of CBD in the oil compound, and thus, match the CBD product with their health goals. Plus, there are a lot of pleasant tastes in addition to the natural ones.


Novice CBD buyers may have a lot of concerns regarding CBD usage, its possible effects, and benefits, as well as the legal side of the issue. All these factors are essential for making a final decision, so let’s find out whether the purchasing and consumption of CBD are legal in Ohio, and where to buy the best CBD products in this state.

Is CBD Legal in Ohio?

The legality of the CBD status across different US states is one of the main concerns of most customers, especially those who are going to try CBD for the first time. So, is CBD oil illegal in Ohio? Fortunately, not! CBD oil in Ohio is completely legal, however, let us remind how this state defines hemp products and the way it differs from marijuana-derived products.

Previously, hemp and marijuana-derived products were considered to be the same by this state, and thus, were allowed for medical use only in a limited number of cases. However, in 2019, the legislation was changed and these two concepts got new definitions.

Thus, according to the local laws, hemp-derived products are those that contain less than 0,3% THC and they are completely legal to be sold and consumed on the territory of Ohio.

CBD Laws in Ohio

Fortunately, CBD oil Ohio laws are quite clear, understandable, and CBD-friendly. Let’s find out how this state regulates the process of CBD cultivation, processing, labeling, and sales so that you can make sure that you are going to buy not only the top-notch but absolutely legal product.

Licensing Requirements for CBD in Ohio

According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, any hemp product processor (i.e the company that produces final CBD products) should have a special license, plus the company should be inspected by the Department as well. The annual fee for license application is $100.

However, if you want to sell CBD oil in Ohio, you don’t need a license, however, you should comply with Ohio Products Labeling Standards and state that there is less than 0,3% THC in the product compound.

Cultivation Requirements

There are no specific cultivation requirements for Ohio CBD oil. However, there is a Hemp Cultivation and Processing Program that is under development in this state. Thus, the Farm Bill 2018 norms are applicable in this case on the level of federal law. Hemp raw materials that are used to produce Unabis CBD products are compliant with this legal norm as well.

Labeling Requirements

As for the labeling requirements for the CBD oil for sale in Ohio, then the local authorities strive for complete transparency of product compounds. Thus, the CBD products processor should indicate the following points on the CBD oil Ohio packaging:

  • Name of the product
  • Weight of the product according to the domestic and international system
  • The list of ingredients
  • Statement of Responsibility
  • Bar or QR code
  • Health safety precautions.

You may review Unabis CBD products to find out how the right and informative labeling should look like, according to Ohio’s legal requirements.

Testing Requirements

All CBD Ohio products should necessarily be tested before being offered for sale and consumption. In this case, a CBD oil processor should pick a random sample from a bunch of produced goods and send it to the independent laboratory to be tested.

The result of the testing should confirm or deny the presence of microbes, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and potentially hazardous solvents. Plus, it should carefully define the amount of THCA, THC, CBDA, CBD, and other cannabinoids that will be found in the product compound.

As for the presence of solvents, they should necessarily be mentioned if the producer used any other method except for CO2 extraction. Unabis CBD tinctures and CBD gummies are created using carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction only so you will never find the presence of hazardous solvents in the compound of our products.


Since CBD products are legal in Ohio, they may be openly sold online and offline. Basically, these are two main options you may choose from when deciding to buy CBD in Ohio.

Offline Dispensary Shops in Ohio

Deciding to buy CBD in Ohio in dispensary shops, pay attention to the following criteria since they will help you to do it in a reliable place.


According to the legal regulations of CBD in Ohio, a reseller of CBD products shouldn’t have a license. However, a CBD manufacturer should. That’s why you can always ask for a license provided by the manufacturer and it should be shown to you upon request.

Lab tests

The legal norms also state that each bunch of CBD products offered offline or online should be tested by the independent laboratory, and you have the right to review this document as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for it, and never buy CBD oil in Ohio that isn’t compliant with this requirement.


In most cases, the price to buy CBD products in dispensary shops is higher compared to the offers you may find online since the business owners should pay rent, utility bills and invest in offline advertising which is always pricier compared to digital ads.


Getting a discount is always a good deal, however, most offline store owners offer the discount to loyal customers or to those who have made a purchase on a significant amount. In any case, you may ask about the discounts and loyalty programs and perhaps find a better deal.


Surely, you may look for online reviews of the dispensary shop before deciding on the purchase. However, not all store owners consider them necessary to have and care about their online reputation. Thus, the only way to get a credible review of a physical store is to get a recommendation from other buyers which is also not always possible.

The Downsides of Buying CBD Locally in Ohio

Buying CBD in dispensary shops in Ohio is quite realistic, and legal (if the store complies with the requirements above – licensing and lab testing availability), however, there is one more concern – your privacy. Some CBD users may feel frustrated when it comes to buying it locally since other people might think that you are using marijuana which is very often considered to be the same as CBD and is also surrounded by stereotypes and misunderstandings. In this regard, online purchase turns out to be a completely private way to buy CBD products in Ohio with the opportunity to make sure of product quality and brand reliability.

Buy CBD Online with Ohio Shipping

Buying CBD in Ohio online is one more option to consider. Plus, you can get the same and even more benefits following this strategy.

Lab Tests and Quality Assurance

The presence of the lab test results is obligatory for offline and online sellers. We, at Unabis, consider transparency and legal compliance one of our core priorities so you may find the results of our products testing on each of the product pages. They are always available and updated for each bunch supplied.


Taking care of your well-being should be budget-friendly, and that’s why we have a lot of loyalty programs and discounts to offer. Right now you may use the CBDINOHIO coupon to get a 20% discount on any purchase on our website, and this is not the last benefit you still have to discover.

Customer Support

CBD products are quite popular in the modern wellness market, however, there are still a lot of misconceptions, myths, and concerns about them. Our support team is here to answer your questions and assist you at each of the stages of your decision-making process. You are welcome to get in touch with Unabis customer service by phone, email, or live chat and get competent advice instantly.


One of the greatest advantages of online CBD shopping is the opportunity to stay private but still take action towards your health improvement. Personal and financial data protection solutions embedded on our website allow us to stay safe when it comes to sensitive information you share with us. What’s more, purchasing CBD products in Ohio online, you may be sure that nobody will discover the details of your order.

Free Shipping to Ohio

In addition to the best quality assurance and data protection practices, friendly customer support, and flexible discounts, you may get your order shipped to Ohio for free within several business days. No hidden fees and additional payments!

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Is CBD oil legal in Ohio?

Yes, CBD products (namely those that contain less than 0,3% THC) are completely legal in Ohio. They may be sold without a license but should necessarily be produced by the licensed manufacturers and tested by the third-party laboratory. What’s more, this state draws a clear line between CBD and marijuana describing the legal status of each. While CBD is completely legal, marijuana can be used for medical purposes only in a limited number of clinical cases.

Where to buy CBD oil in Columbus, Ohio?

If you want to buy CBD oil in Columbus, Ohio you have two options to choose from. You may either buy CBD products in dispensary shops which are not always convenient because of the privacy issues and higher prices or purchase top-notch CBD tinctures and gummies right here, on the Unabis website. Choosing the second option, you may be sure that our CBD products are compliant with CBD laws in Ohio.

Where to buy CBD oil in Cleveland, Ohio?

As for buying CBD oil in Cleveland, you may follow the same approach. However, you may save up to 20% by buying CBD products on our website (use our CBDINOHIO coupon) and enjoy the free shipping to your location within several business days. What’s more, buying CBD online with the opportunity to get your order delivered to Cleveland is also one more way to stay private about the products you are using for your wellness and wellbeing boost.

Does CBD oil show up on a drug test, Ohio?

Honestly, there is no research using CBD oil in drug test clinical trials. However, according to the scientific data available, CBD may be shown up on the urinalysis after ingestion and inhalation within five hours of use of pure CBD. 

Also, the result of a drug test depends on the CBD oil strength you have consumed, the level of THC in its compound (if the level of the latter is more than 0,3%, then such products are first, illegal, and secondly, are likely to lead to the positive drug test result), and the time frame between CBD oil consumption and testing.

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