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CBD PM Oil Drops

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  • Superior Broad Spectrum CBD in every product batch
  • High-quality manufacturing process for wholesome hemo properties
  • THC-free products sourced from USA hemp
  • Third-party, ISO-certified lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness

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CBD PM night time tincture is a mixture of CBD extract, melatonin, and carrier oil aimed to help you properly prepare for a nap. When compared to other products, Unabis CBD PM Oil has the following advantages:

  • Advanced sleep quality support
  • Nervous system health aid
  • Convenient and customized dosing


  • CBD (Cannabidiol) – Cannabidiol is one of the major chemicals found in the hemp plant that is believed to play a significant role in sleep improvement.
  • CBG (Cannabigerol) – Cannabigerol is a minor hemp plant constituent that has the potential for treating migraines and muscle soreness.
  • B-6 (Pyridoxine) – Vitamin B-6 is essential for normal brain function and keeping the nervous system and immune system healthy.
  • Melatonin – Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.
  • MCT Oil – MCT oil is used as a carrier oil and minimizes the effect on the liver.
  • Turmeric – Turmeric is a flowering plant that is a powerful antioxidant and possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD PM Oil Drops can affect your health and well-being in numerous positive ways. Here are some effects CBD PM Oil Drops can have on your body and mind:

  • Normalize the sleep-wake cycle
  • Reduce insomnia symptoms
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Promote relaxation
  • Keep nightmares away

To take advantage of CBD PM Oil Drops, follow the recommendations below:

  • Consult your healthcare provider before getting started with CBD PM for sleep
  • Don’t mix CBD PM night time tincture with incompatible medicines
  • Make sure to follow the recommendations stated in the instructions
  • Start with one dropper per day an hour before bedtime
  • Give CBD PM Oil several days to accumulate and act
  • Monitor the effect and the individual response of your body


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Full Spectrum CBD

A full spectrum tincture is one that contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Combining these substances within one product makes it a great option, with a THC level of no more than 0,3%.


Transparency and scientific validation are the best quality assurance. Each supplied bunch of CBD tinctures undergo rigorous laboratory testing and is always accessible to our users on the website.

CO2 Extraction

This way of CBD oil extraction has less risk of compromising the natural volatile compounds found in cannabis. Unabis CBD tinctures are CO2 entirely extracted under the strict following of all manufacturing standards and legal requirements.

Organic MCT Oil

The use of organic MCT oil is essential for preserving the necessary potency of a pure CBD tincture and speeding up the absorption process while avoiding a negative impact on the liver.


The highest-end quality of the Unabis CBD tinctures isn’t the only benefit you get.

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Should you take CBD oil in the AM or PM?

The time of CBD consumption depends on the goal you want to achieve. Thus, if you need to enhance focus and concentration, or enhance your mood, you’d better try taking CBD AM products in the morning. In case you wish for sleep improvement, you require taking CBD PM for sleep an hour before bedtime.

How to take CBD PM Drops?

If you want to use sleep aid CBD PM Drops, follow the next recommendations:

  • Consult your healthcare provider before getting started with CBD PM for sleep
  • Start with one dropper of CBD PM Drops per day an hour before bedtime
  • Monitor the effect and the individual response of your body
  • If any adverse effects occur, stop the administration and consult a healthcare professional

How much sleep aid CBD PM should I take?

The dosage of sleep aid CBD PM for sleep improvement is individual and depends on such factors as your weight, age, metabolism, sensitivity towards CBD, and severity of your sleep disorder. We recommend starting small and take no more than one dropper of CBD PM 500 mg Oil an hour before sleep.

Does PM CBD Melatonin Oil work for sleep?

Yes, the combination of CBD and Melatonin in PM Drops has the potential to significantly improve sleep. Natural properties of CBD can help to relieve anxiety and stress, alleviate pain, and improve sleep quality, while Melatonin restores a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

How to choose the best CBD PM for sleep?

To make sure that you’re about to buy a top-notch CBD PM product, follow the tips below:

  • Check if the brand uses full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD extract is believed to be more efficient than broad-spectrum and CBD isolates because of the so-called ‘entourage effect’.
  • Make sure the brand uses a CO2 extraction method. This way of CBD oil extraction has less risk of compromising the natural volatile compounds found in hemp.
  • Look through the brand’s lab test results. Check the results of the CBD PM product’ third-party laboratory testing to see if the content of the product is safe.
  • Read CBD PM reviews. Check the CBD PM for sleep reviews from the brand’s customers to make sure that the product is indeed efficient for sleep.

What are CBD PM Softgels?

CBD PM Softgels are capsules filled with CBD oil, Melatonin, and, sometimes, other ingredients, for instance, B6 vitamin. CBD PM Softgels are aimed to help users easily fall asleep, improve the overall sleep quality, and enhance energy restoration during sleep.

Are CBD PM Drops safe to take?

Yes, CBD is considered safe and well-tolerated. Moreover, CBD does not induce physical dependence. Melatonin, which is also present in CBD PM Drops, is a hormone produced by the human body and is also safe for short-time use.

Why use CBD PM Oil?

People use CBD PM Oil to manage jet lag, restore a healthy sleeping routine, beat insomnia and other sleep disorders, or enhance the quality of sleep.

How does CBD PM Oil work?

CBD PM Oil has two major active components: CBD and Melatonin. CBD works for sleep in several different ways. First of all, CBD helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Thus, it keeps worries away and relaxes people to let them sleep peacefully. Secondly, CBD has the potential to alleviate pain and inflammation that causes many people troubles falling asleep. Thirdly, CBD enhances sleep quality to allow people to rest to the fullest and effectively restore energy at night. In turn, Melatonin induces sleepiness and allows for restoration of a healthy sleeping routine.

Is it legal to buy CBD PM Oil online?

To answer this question correctly, you need to make sure that the use of CBD is legal in your state. If yes, then you can safely order CBD PM Drops or any other CBD product online.

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