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Nature-powered gummies are the best option for balancing your nervous system with organic and safe ingredients. Being created with your health and wellness in mind, they may become a perfect self-care supplement. 


  • High-quality marmalade
  • Fruits
  • Full-Spectrum Oil
  • Predefined active substance dosage per bear
  • Colorful and mood-enhancing look
  • Natural, organic, and high-quality ingredients
  • Easy to consume on the go
  • Great for sharing with friends
  • Open your hemp gummies jar and find the gummy that seems cutest to you
  • Eat a gummy enjoying the taste and monitor your reaction
  • Chew one more bear if you want to get a more promoted and long-lasting effect
  • Always follow manufacturer’s instruction
  • Keep your gummies jar in a dry dark place


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  • Questions

Top-Notch Calm Gummies

Full Spectrum Oil

A natural plant has a lot of beneficial ingredients to offer for your health boost. Being enhanced by the flavonoids, terpenes, and backed up with fruits and high-quality marmalade, our calming gummies become a premium choice for your well-being. 


Two-factor quality assurance is a must-follow practice for any products you choose for your self-care. That’s why our calming gummies are powered by organic source plants and are one more time tested by the independent laboratory. You are welcome to review lab test results to get a clear idea of the compound of the product you intend to buy.

CO2 Extraction

The way of hemp processing directly influences the quality of the herbal oil obtained. To make such products health-beneficial, it is important for the oil to be free of solvents and other chemical compounds. CO2 extraction allows for achieving such an effect and preserving all the beneficial properties of a hemp plant.

Organic MCT Oil

Gummies’ natural ingredients and properties are also enhanced by MCT oil. This essential oil takes part in the process of absorption and helps the active substance reach the bloodstream, decreasing the influence on the liver.


If you think that top-notch calm gummies are the only thing we may offer, you will be glad to find out that you are going to get even more benefits.

Premium customer support

In need of someone who is always on your side? Our support team is here to help. We are well aware of the fact that you may feel frustrated in your search for a natural calming remedy, so we are to assist you and answer all your questions by phone, via email, or in instant messengers.

Your purchase is completely protected

We stand for high-quality products and safe ways to purchase them. That’s why Unabis website embeds the best data protection technologies to keep your personal and financial data private and safe. We also protect your purchase, offering a 30 days satisfaction and money-back guarantee.

Loyalty Program and Gifts

While calm gummies are the best options to share with someone you love, our discounts, gifts, and other perks are another great opportunity we would like to share with you. You are welcome to enjoy our welcoming bonuses, loyalty programs, and forever-free delivery to 47 US states.

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Gummies FAQ

Are calming gummies as effective as oils?

Since full-spectrum oil tincture and gummies are powered by the same ingredients naturally contained in a source plant, both of these products are effective for stress management, nervous system balancing, and better sleep. The only question is what option is right for you in this case. Calm gummies are a perfect choice for those who lead an active lifestyle, want to take them on the go, and be always sure of the dosage consumed. 

As for the gummies effect, it may take longer for them to act compared to oils. Since calm gummies are taken as any other edibles or vitamins, the human organism needs more time to digest them and release the active substance into the bloodstream. However, the effect will last as long as compared to oil tinctures.

Are calm gummies safe to take?

Yes, calm gummies are believed to be safe. However, the quality of the raw materials matters for the safety of the final product. Thus, it should be grown according to industry standards and be processed safely. CO2 extraction that we use in our plant processing cycle is one of the safest and effective methods to date. It allows for getting the top-notch full-spectrum oil that powers our calming edibles.

Also, there is one more quality assurance practice behind our calm gummies. This is lab testing conducted by the independent laboratory. The results of the tests are freely available, so you may check them any time and find out the detailed compound of the products you intend to buy.

How are they made?

The process of creating gummies for sleep and the nervous system balance begins with the cultivation of quality source plants, according to the best industry practices. Further, the plant is processed using a CO2 extraction. This is the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly method of obtaining oil, since the external influence on the raw materials is minimal, and this allows for preserving all the useful ingredients of the plant. Further, full-spectrum oil is added to marmalade and fruit mixture, from which bears are formed.

How many calm gummies should I eat?

Despite their funny looks, calm gummies are quite effective. The effect that you get directly depends on the strength of the active ingredient – for example, our soothing gummies contain 25 mg of the active ingredient per bear. Therefore, you should start with one gummy per day and track your reaction.

Most users agree that two or three teddy bears a day is enough to stay calm and well-balanced, plus have a good night’s sleep. This is also the optimal dosage based on the average weight of a person, according to scientific research. We recommend tracking your reaction and proceeding with the number of bears per day that will be sufficient for you and your goal.

Are there any precautions for calm gummies usage?

Yes, there are some precautions you should know about. Calming gummies are not recommended to be used by pregnant and nursing women, and they are also not the best choice for those suffering from diabetes because of the sugar in their compound. As for the first case, such a precaution is explained by the lack of scientific research, however, if you are looking for sugar-free nature-based products you may consider calming tinctures as an option.

What effects may they promise?

In addition to the opportunity to smartly manage your stress and stay calm regardless of the situation, most calm gummies users choose them to improve their sleep, manage chronic pain and overcome some other mental health disorders. Those with no health problems report that calm edibles can be one more self-care and well-being supporting tool. In this case, they may act as preventive care options.

Why use calm gummies?

In addition to the health benefits calm gummies may provide, their users also agree that they complement an active lifestyle perfectly, may be used as a muscle restoration tool, and are great for sharing with friends. Being powered by natural and organic ingredients, calming gummies may be also a good choice for those who want to avoid chemically produced medicines and support the idea of preventing healthcare issues instead of dealing with their consequences.

Will calm gummies improve my sleep?

Yes, calm gummies may be quite effective at dealing with sleep disorders. They have the potential of coping with one-time sleeping issues because of stress or fatigue, as well as overcoming long-lasting insomnia and other sleep violations, for example, because of the day-night shifts job.

Will calm gummies help with depression?

According to some research, plant-powered gummies or any other types of herb products show potential for dealing with depression symptoms. A lot of depression-sufferers across the globe choose them as well. However, you should also know that plant ingredients are incompatible with some of the medicines usually prescribed for depression and the symptoms that accompany it. Thus, using calming gummies for depression may be an option but you still should talk to your healthcare professional about the medicines you are taking now and get support from a mental health specialist to streamline the gummies effect.

Do calm gummies work for weight loss?

Yes, they work, just not in exactly the way you might expect. Since the full-spectrum extract contained in calming gummies stabilizes the nervous system, it begins to send healthier signals. For example, it stops signaling hunger when, in fact, it is the need to compensate for stressful emotions with food. 

Plus, proper metabolic processes are also directly related to the nervous system. Once the latter is working in a healthy way, your metabolism takes a healthier path as well. So while calm gummies are not a direct fat burning and weight loss aid, they help you balance your body naturally.

Where to buy calm gummies near me?

While you may buy calm gummies in most dispensary shops in almost all US states, sometimes this is not the best option. These products are still surrounded by prejudices, stereotypes, and misconceptions. Surely, you shouldn’t explain your choice to anyone, however, there is nothing wrong with your desire to stay private when it comes to your health and the products you choose for its benefits. 

Thus, buying calm gummies online may be a better option. You may buy them right now at Unabis online shop, and stay assured of the top-notch quality, complete privacy, and your purchase protection.

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