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CBD Gummies - Organic Sleep Supplements That Work

Help Me Sleep Better
We know this feeling of being overwhelmed with sleep problems. Perhaps, you have also heard quite a lot of useful tips like working out and following a sleep schedule but...We all have a lot of tasks to solve day after day, and honestly, there is not so much free time left.

If you are struggling with sleep disturbances but still have to stay productive, your body and mind need additional support.
CBD gummies are natural, safe, and effective remedies to get your sleep pattern back on the right track and boost your well-being during the day.

CBD in a Nutshell

CBD is cannabidiol, one of the ingredients naturally gifted by a hemp plant. This is the most researched and promising hemp component, and using this organic aid for sleep improvement is just one of the possible challenges CBD might be helpful with.

Science Behind CBD

Do you have any guesses why you can’t sleep well? The answer is simple – some of the processes in your brain (the core processor of your nervous system and the main engine of your organism) gone astray. Cannabidiol (or CBD) influences your brain receptors directly, as well as myriads of other receptors in your body’s cells. It helps your brain remember the right signals it has to send to the nervous system to make you sleep and rest. And what’s the best about it – it works.


CB1 Receptors Target:

Appetite Immune cells Motor Activity Motor Coordination Pain Perception Short Term Memory Thinking


CB2 Receptors Target:

Adipose Tissue Bone Cardiovascular System Central Nervous System Eyes Gut Immune System Kidneys Liver Pancreas Reproductive System Respiratory Tract Skeletal Muscle Skin Tumors


CB1 Receptors are primarily found in the brain and central nervous system, and to a lesser extent in the other issues.


CB2 Receptors are mostly in the peripheral organs especially cells associated with the immune system.

Sleep Benefits Inside CBD Gummies

The feeling of calmness.

Stress and nervous tension are top sleep violation triggers. CBD gummies help you stay calm and stress-resistant during the day.

The feeling of relaxation.

Disconnecting from everyday issues is quite a challenge. CBD will gently help you to finally relax.

Sleep phases regulation.

CBD products help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeply and wake up easily. This is just the healthy sleep formula your body and mind will get a chance to remember.

CBD gummies bears

  1. Convenient jar

    To safely take CBD gummies wherever you go

  2. Ingredients

    Full-spectrum CBD oil, fruits, and marmalade

  3. Tropical fruit flavor

    Extracted from natural exotic fruits

  4. Cute and Delicious

    Made from high-quality marmelade

  5. Dosage

    25 mg of CBD per gummy

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Ready To Restore Your Good Sleep?

Let CBD gummies support you along this path.

Help Me Sleep Better

CBD on the Rise

You aren’t alone with your sleep problems. According to different research results, 10% to 60% of the global population suffers from sleep problems. And a lot of them have already chosen natural CBD sleep aid to support their body and mind.

  • ⅓ of Americans are using CBD
  • 42% of them use it for sleep improvement
  • 49% of them find CBD helpful for stress management and prevention
  • 45% of current CBD users increased their CBD consumption during 2020-mid 2021
  • It takes 20 minutes to fall asleep with CBD, compared to 62 without it, according to a Single Care survey of people with sleep violations.

Life-Enriching CBD Products

Such a simple thing as getting enough sleep can make your day either productive or depressed. It just depends on the sleep amount you get and its quality. We created our CBD products to make you vigorous, and get enough sleep day after day, living in your best health and mood.

Life-enriching CBD products

Top-Notch CBD Gummies

Full Spectrum CBD

All the potential benefits of full-spectrum cannabis products are embedded in the best CBD gummies to help you with achieving a specific health goal and overall health improvement as well.


Before you decide to buy CBD gummies, we kindly invite you to check the results of the independent laboratory testing to be sure of the top-notch quality, as well as legal and manufacturing standards compliance.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is the approach to CBD manufacturing that allows for achieving the perfect balance between final product quality and price. This production method doesn’t deprive the hemp plant of its natural benefits but is still quite affordable.

Organic MCT Oil

Using this oil in the CBD cures products process is one of the best and must-follow practices since MCT oil is responsible for seamless digestion of the active CBD components while reducing the potentially harmful effect on the liver.

Let’s Fall Asleep with CBD Gummies!

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CBD Gummies F.A.Q.

Are CBD and marijuana the same?

No, CBD and marijuana aren’t the same things. Both CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are marijuana plant ingredients. THC in high amounts may influence the psyche and perception of reality, causing a high effect. But when the plant is processed, only a tiny amount of THC is left and that’s why it can’t cause such mental health changes.

Are CBD gummies addictive?

According to the World Health Organisation, CBD is neither addictive nor toxic.

Do they have side effects?

CBD side effects are quite rare to happen. The reported side effects cases mention tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite/weight.

How to use CBD gummies?

Use CBD gummies like any other edible vitamins. Get started by using one gummy per day, and gradually increase their amount (up to 3-4 bears a day) until you reach the expected effect. We also recommend taking them right after the meal to digest and absorb CBD better.

Why are CBD products so popular?

CBD products are popular because they are believed to be quite effective for dealing with popular problems, like sleep violations, stress, anxiety, and pain. One more reason for their popularity is their naturalness and an organic compound. 

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