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Jerry Hunt


Jerry hunt

I am a cannabis and CBD advocate, researcher, and author with over 7 years of experience in consulting CBD producers and sellers on various industry matters. I graduated from OSU, majoring in biology. Nature has fascinated me since I was a child

Many of my family members have suffered from depression and anxiety. So my passion for finding organic remedies to help them ease their symptoms led me to get a deeper look into cannabis and hemp possibilities and benefits.

I live in Seattle with my dog Han and my cat Leia. I believe that a good hike can at times be better than a therapy session.

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Articles by jerry hunt

CBD for Restless Legs Syndrome: Unabis Overview

Sometimes, it’s not the B-rated horror movie you’ve watched that keeps you up at night. Sometimes, it’s the debilitating pain from the nighttime leg twitching,...

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Benefits of CBD for Muscle Recovery

Every athlete knows the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether you’re an elite competitor or someone who simply enjoys exercising, it is...

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How Much CBD Should I Take for Stress?

Stress is a big problem for many people. It can cause you to be irritable, lose sleep, and ruin relationships with friends and family members....

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Does CBD Help with Tendonitis?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients present in marijuana (cannabis). CBD has been associated with a wide variety of health issues, one...

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy CBD?

JerryI am a cannabis and CBD advocate, researcher, and author with over 7 years of experience in consulting CBD producers and sellers on various industry...

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CBD Overdose: What happens if you take too much CBD oil?

Is CBD oil safe? Can you overdose on CBD? How does CBD oil compare to actual dangerous substances, like NSAIDs or alcohol, or opioids? If...

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Why It’s Impossible for CBD Oil to Get You High?

Does CBD oil get you high? Nope! There are many reasons why CBD oil and other CBD products can’t get you high. Keep reading to...

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CBD for Weight Loss: Can CBD Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Can CBD help you lose weight? Though it might sound too good to be true, that’s exactly what thousands of new CBD users have experienced....

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Full spectrum CBD vs. Broad spectrum CBD: Differences and Benefits

Are you wondering about the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD? If so, you’re in the right place, because in this article we’ll be taking...

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CBD and COVID-19: How CBD Effects on COVID Patients?

CBD and COVID 19: is there any connection? While it might seem crazy that CBD could affect a disease as serious as COVID-19, some experts...

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