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CBD Oil vs Gummies: Which to Choose?

By Jerry HuntJune 26, 2021February 9th, 2022CBD Blog
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If a few years ago CBD was something sensational and unusual, today CBD-powered products are an essential part of the wellness industry. The special demand for such products forces this industry to constantly develop and create innovative products but under strict legal regulation. 

Considering the wide range and the legality of CBD usage in some states (check whether CBD is legal in your location), new customers find it challenging to choose the right product. CBD oil and gummies are the most popular forms CBD products may take, so, in this article, we will compare CBD gummies vs CBD oil to choose the option you will be comfortable with.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Oils and CBD Gummies?

Most beginners ask a logical question – what is the difference between oil and gummies? To answer it right, it’s worth starting with the common features of these two products. Here are the main CBD oil vs gummies points:

  • They are intended for internal use.
  • They have the same effect on the body.
  • They contain CBD without THC.
  • They are believed not to cause addiction.

These are the main points that hemp CBD oil vs gummies have in common. But there are still significant differences between these two forms of CBD product, so let’s consider them as well:

  • The products have different compositions.
  • The oil has fewer contradictions, while the composition of gummies may have contraindications for some people.
  • Products have varying degrees of absorption.
  • Products have different flavor assortment.

But that’s not all you need to know about these CBD products. Further, you will receive a lot of useful information with which you can understand which type of product will suit you the most.

The Production Process

There are several methods to extract CBD. Solvent extraction is the first practice to be used, however, right now there are better production approaches that most manufacturers follow. CBD CO2 extraction is believed to be the safest product method which allows for carefully separating beneficial substances from potentially harmful ones. This is also the most expensive way of production, however, to date, it is considered to be the best industry standard.

As for the CBD oil production process, after the consuming CBD component is extracted, it is mixed with other essential and organic oils. MCT oil also acts as an important component since it is responsible for the seamless absorption of the active ingredients.

CBD gummies production process is a little more complicated. After the CBD component is extracted, it is mixed with high-quality marmalade following the industry-accepted dosages, and then, different flavors are added to add the final touch to the product. 

Therefore, CBD products that may come in different forms are believed to be safe and legal to use, as otherwise the products cannot be released according to the law. 

The State of Medical Marijuana Laws research dwells on the legal status of this plant for medical purposes in different states. Also, feel free to find out whether CBD products are legal in your state.

    • CBD oils products are mixed with other ingredients to make oils. For instance, with MCT oil to make CBD better absorbed.
    • For gummies, manufacturers use CBD isolate and mix it with gummies.

The Key Decision-Making Factors in CBD Oil vs CBD Gummy Dilemma

It can be very difficult for beginners to decide which product to choose. Some people think that gummies are a good start for getting a feel for CBD tincture, while other CBD users say that oil is the best form of CBD. However, the share of both form supporters is almost equal. According to the Singlecare CBD survey, 28% of people are interested in gummies, while 26% of people are interested in oils/tinctures/drops. 

Below you will find factors to help you decide which form is right for you.

How Fast Does It Work? 

Since gummies are considered a food item, it takes longer for the effect to take place. The body needs more time until the gummies are digested and the effect occurs. It will take some time for the CBD to reach the bloodstream. Also, this is the reason why some users prefer vaping instead of oral intake – according to the research, CBD edibles have delayed effects compared to inhalation. 

Interested in getting more insights into CBD consumption, dosages, forms, and effects? Feel free to download our CBD Consumption Guide and get back to us in case of any questions! 

Some users notice that if you consume gummy in the morning, the effect will come gradually and throughout the day you will feel the effect that CBD has.

As for the oil, the effect comes much faster than from gummies, since the body does not need to carry out such a complex process of digestion.

However, the timing of the onset of the effect does not always play a decisive role in which product to choose. Let’s find out why.

If you want a quick effect, then taking CBD oil is a better option.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

It is interesting that despite the longer onset of the effect of the gummies, the duration of the action is longer too. This is also due to the digestion process that allows CBD to stay in the body longer.

As for the oil, the effect is not as long-lasting as gummies. Overall, the effects of these two forms of CBD can be compared to food and water. In the first case, the feeling of satiety lasts much longer.

So, the bioavailability of CBD tincture vs gummies is different as well – oil comes with higher bioavailability potential. 

If you want a long-lasting effect, then CBD gummies are a better option. 

CBD Oil vs Gummies Pros and Cons

It is time to quickly overview the advantages and disadvantages of CBD oil vs gummies to help you with a more informed choice.



  • It has a quick effect compared to edibles. That’s why when choosing between CBD oil vs gummies for anxiety, CBD oil wins – it is believed to manage anxiety symptoms faster. 
  • The oil can be added to food and drinks.


    • There are not so many flavors to choose from.
    • It is inconvenient taking outside the home.

CBD Gummies


  • The effect after intake can last for a long period. That’s why when choosing between CBD oil vs gummies for pain, the latter may be more promising. 
  • Gummies are convenient to take outside the home and consume on the go


    • The effect does not occur immediately after intake.
    • It is not suitable for diabetics and people on a diet due to the presence of sugar.

Want to try your first CBD gummy? You are welcome to jump to the assortment page

The Ways of Consumption

Gummies are suitable for those who don’t want to bother with dosage. However, it should be borne in mind that such products may not be suitable for those who suffer from diabetes or follow a therapeutic diet that does not include the use of sugar. In such cases, the use of oil will be more reasonable.

Although CBD oil has a wider range of uses. Some may add a few drops straight to the salad. Someone may consume the oil with a few drops under the tongue. Some people like to make wax oil to enjoy the herbal flavor.

If you are constantly out of home, then taking oil may not be the most convenient option. While gummies are easy to take with you.

The Choice of Flavors

When it comes to flavors, oils may boast of herbal flavor, so naturalness is its distinctive advantage. Also, our range offers oils with different tastes (peppermint, lemon, vanilla, and the like) for those who don’t like herbal aftertaste. 

When it comes to gummies, this is a good option for those who don’t want to measure the right dosage of oil on the go, don’t like an oily aftertaste and enjoy chewing CBD.

If you don’t like the oily taste, then gummies are ideal. 

So, these are the points that you should analyze to make the final decision as to the right product for you. Also, it is worth testing both products. This will allow you to understand all the nuances of each of them.

Buy CBD Products From Trusted Retailers Only

Thus, there is no only right answer as to which form of CBD to choose. The choice between CBD gummies vs tincture always depends on your specific goals and your preferences. We kindly recommend testing both oil and gummies to determine which product suits you best.

What’s more, the main decision-making factor isn’t the form of the product. Surprised? Let us explain. The main things are the quality and the reliability of the company you are going to buy from. The popularity of CBD has made a real boom in the market and almost every day more and more new manufacturers and stores appear.

Therefore, before making a final choice between CBD oil vs gummies, make sure to find out:

1. What’s the hemp’s origin?  

The US grown and distilled plants are a better option since the production and quality control process are strictly regulated by law (for example, by the Farm Bill 2018). 

2. What is the way of production and extraction? 

CO2 extraction is the best industry practice that allows for getting full-spectrum CBD products while carefully removing all the potentially harmful substances and preserving only beneficial ones. 

3. Are there quality certificates and laboratory tests accompanying each bunch sold? 

Each bunch of CBD products should always be backed up by the quality certificates and laboratory tests that should be free to take a look at. 

4. What’s about these CBD products’ online reviews?  

Also, don’t forget to analyze customer reviews on different websites and pay more attention to video reviews since the latter are unlikely to be faked. 

5. Is it easy to get help and support from the company you want to buy CBD from? 

Our support team is available round the clock and is ready to answer your questions regarding our products range by phone, email or live chat. 

Important! Conscientious manufacturers and resellers of CBD products do not hide information about research, production methods, they have product certification, and are easily accessible. So be sure to pay attention to these points for the best CBD experience.

The Final Verdict

CBD oil and gummies have both advantages and disadvantages when viewed in a comparative context. There are many factors to consider to begin your first exposure to the CBD extract effects. So, take the convenience of intake and other features you want to enjoy into account. Get started by trying both oil and gummies to decide what suits your best. What’s more, we kindly offer a 20% discount for the purchase of the oil and gummies within the one order. 

Therefore, the next significant point will be to find a reliable reseller offering the highest-end products, and a wide choice of CBD oil vs gummies at a reasonable cost. Our support team is ready to instantly answer all your questions and help you with making a fully informed choice! 


I am a cannabis and CBD advocate, researcher, and author with over 7 years of experience in consulting CBD producers and sellers on various industry matters. I graduated from OSU, majoring in biology. I live in Seattle with my dog Han and my cat Leia.


What Difference is CBD Oil vs Gummies?

The main difference between these products is the ease of use and the speed of onset of the effect. The oil can affect faster since the body does not need to go through the complex process of digestion.

According to users CBD oil vs gummies reviews, the effect after taking the oil can occur within 10-15 minutes, which is very important for those who take CBD for sleep. That is, if you use the oil right before bedtime, the effect will come almost immediately.

But as for the gummies, you have to wait until the effect comes. Gummies will digest and after that, the main component of CBD will enter the bloodstream and provoke the effect. Therefore, if you need a remedy for insomnia, then you should understand that you need to take gummies much earlier than you plan to go to bed.

How to Choose between CBD Oil or CBD Gummies for Daily Taking?

You need to determine for what purpose you want to take CBD. When to take CBD for sleep? If you are looking for a remedy that will keep your emotional state in order or help you fall asleep better, then gummies can be a good option.

But if you have more serious problems with insomnia, then it is worth considering using oil since it works faster.

How to Choose the Right Dosage of Hemp CBD Oil vs Gummies?

There is no specific dosage as there is for drugs. However, this does not mean you should overuse the product. So, how much CBD should I take? Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to experience the effects of CBD and cope with insomnia.

Usually, the CBD dosage for sleep is determined by a trial method individually, so you may start with small dosages to determine the ideal dosage to get the effect you want.

What Is the Rate of Absorption for CBD Oil vs. Gummies?

According to some studies, it can be concluded that oral intake of both oil and gummies has low bioavailability. According to one study, this absorption rate is only 6%, while according to another report, this figure is between 4% -20%. Although these studies show different results, it can be concluded that gummies vs oil CBD have a low rate of absorption. For example, at a dosage of 100mg, you can expect a 20% maximum to enter the body.

But keep in mind that the effect of gummies will be felt a little later compared to the oil. The point is that the body will hav

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