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Does CBD Oil Expire: Can You Continue Using It After Expiration Date?

By Jerry HuntJune 16, 2021February 10th, 2022CBD Blog
Does CBD Oil Expire


I am a cannabis and CBD advocate, researcher, and author with over 7 years of experience in consulting CBD producers and sellers on various industry matters. I graduated from OSU, majoring in biology. I live in Seattle with my dog Han and my cat Leia.

Does CBD expire? Like most natural products, CBD oil has its shelf life. It is the time frame within which the manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness and safety of CBD. To make your CBD experience safe and effective, you also have to find out average CBD oil shelf life limits, as well as some good practices to help you keep the best properties of CBD for a long time. 

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

When buying any goods, we want it to be effective and useful as long as possible. Fortunately, CBD is not a perishable product. What is the shelf life of CBD oil? On average, CBD oil expires in 12-24 months. As many CBD users state, this time is enough to use the entire volume of the supplement with regular use.

What Influences CBD’s Shelf Life

But why does one CBD product stay fresh for 2 years while the shelf life of the other is half the time? There are several factors that affect CBD shelf life.

Let’s find them out. 


High-quality products always last longer than low-quality ones. CBD isn’t an exception. CBD oil, obtained from high-quality hemp, grown organically on rich soil, and extracted from the plant using modern production methods, will retain all its beneficial properties for longer. 

And vice versa – initially poor quality of raw material means poor quality of the final product, which will not bring you the expected benefit and will deteriorate quickly enough. If you want the CBD to save its properties for as long as possible, start by choosing a quality product from a brand you can trust.

Not sure how to choose a quality and top-notch CBD oil? You are welcome to check our dedicated article to make a fully-informed choice and buy organic CBD oil that will last long. 


The shelf life of CBD oil is influenced by all the ingredients that make up the product. For example, CBD tincture contains carrier and essential oils, flavonoids, and terpenes that will retain all their qualities for 2 years. As a result, the shelf life of the main ingredient – cannabidiol – will also be equal to this period since all these ingredients make an effective mix and can’t be separated from each other in a high-quality CBD product. The fewer additional ingredients a supplement contains, the longer the CBD oil will stay fresh.

For example, Unabis CBD oil contains a minimum amount of quality ingredients:

  • CBD carefully obtained from the US-grown hemp
  • Non-GMO sunflower lecithin. It helps cell membranes to take in and absorb more CBD faster.
  • Fractionated coconut oil. It helps to increase the bioavailability of CBD.

Extraction Method

When buying CBD oil, you should also pay attention to the extraction method since this is another indicator of the quality of the product. The extraction method is the set of technologies and practices used to produce CBD from hemp. There are several ways to extract CBD from a hemp plant so let’s find out how they can affect the shelf life of CBD oil:

  • Steam distillation. In this case, the water is heated to form steam, which circulates through the plant and releases CBD. This method doesn’t allow you to extract large amounts of CBD so it isn’t widespread in the modern CBD production market. 
  • Solvent extraction. Solvents, including butane, hexane, are used to separate oils from hemp. Such CBD oil is often of poor quality and may contain traces of solvents that can reduce the shelf life of CBD. Solvents themselves are quite harmful as well. 
  • CO2 extraction. This is the most effective method that uses CO2 at low temperatures. CO2 acts as a solvent but does not leave hazardous traces like butane or hexane. CO2 begins to separate CBD from the plant, preserving the integrity of the hemp compounds and producing powerful CBD oil with no toxic by-products. The method allows you to obtain the CBD product with the most extended shelf life so CBD CO2 tincture expires for longer compared to the products obtained using other methods. 

Make sure to find out the extraction method before buying. It’ll be another clue to you for how long CBD will stay fresh and what overall quality you may expect from it. We, at Unabis, use CO2 extraction since this method allows for saving all the beneficial ingredients but still creating the high-end product at a reasonable cost. 


The packaging of any product plays an aesthetic role and protects the product from the influence of external factors. As a result, it extends the CBD tincture shelf life, as well as the one of other CBD products.

What’s more, there are legal rules that oblige manufacturers to specify the detailed compound, possible side effects, and expiration date of the products right on the packaging. That is, product packaging is one more thing you have to review when looking for a high-quality CBD.

For example, Unabis uses tinted bottles to prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the ingredients. Special seals prevent air from entering the jar when it is closed and degrade the quality of the oil. 

These simple yet essential details allow for longer shelf life and effective service life of CBD oil. We also carefully list all the ingredients on our packaging and back them up with lab test results.

Switch to a better CBD! We guarantee top-notch CBD quality and free shipping to your state. It’s worth a try!

Is CBD Still Good – How to Identify It? 

How long does CBD oil stay good? If you’ve been using a single pack of CBD for a long time or found a CBD oil bottle in a secluded place that you thought you lost, it’s worth checking out when does CBD oil expire. Here is how you can make sure whether CBD oil is still safe to use or it is better to abandon it and buy a new bottle.

Expiration Date

Since 1979, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has required manufacturers to specify expiration dates for both prescription and over-the-counter products. So, take a close look at the packaging of your CBD oil and check its expiration date. If the best before date has already passed, you are better to throw your CBD into the trash bin. If the specified expiration date says CBD can still be used, we recommend checking the supplement for a few more points before taking it.


Fresh CBD tincture has a clean, transparent, and oily consistency. CBD oil, which has expired, has a cloudy color and a viscous consistency. If you notice even the slightest change in the texture of the supplement, do not use it.

It’s important to remember that CBD can get a little cloudy after being in a cool place. But after standing in a warm room, CBD quickly regains its former appearance.

Taste and Flavor

Another factor that can determine if shelf life of CBD tincture has reached the end is fragrance. Fresh, unflavored CBD has an earthy or herbal scent. After the expiration date, the supplement may smell unpleasant.

If the scent of CBD remains unchanged, try one drop of the supplement to find out its taste. After the expiration date, CBD will most likely become bitter, like most “old” oils.

Is it time to buy a new CBD oil? Order organic and top-notch CBD at Unabis with free shipping to 50 US states!

Can You Consume Expired CBD?

After the expiration date, CBD loses its effectiveness. So, if you take expired CBD, you are more likely to feel no effect of the supplement. Still, we kindly advise you not to experiment with expired CBD oil. Instead, find out how to store it right. 

How to Safely Store Your CBD Oil – Simple Tips

To prevent CBD oil from deteriorating, choose the right amount of CBD you need to achieve your health goals and match your lifestyle. Get started with it by reviewing our CBD oil dosage insights and best practices

How much CBD should I take
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How much CBD should I take?

If you are taking CBD intermittently or in minimal dosages, it’s best to order small amounts of CBD. After all, the new bottle of CBD oil will be more effective and fresher than the large one that has been used for a long time. Plus, Unabis delivers CBD free of charge to any state. So, you are welcome to order CBD oil as often as you need.

After you have bought a CBD oil of high quality, we kindly advise you to store its right to save its beneficial properties. 

Store CBD in Its Original Packaging

Most CBD oils come in bottles made of dark glass with special seals that minimize air ingress into the container and the influence of sunlight. If, for some reason, you need to put CBD oil in another container, try to keep it clean, with a tight lid and as dark as possible.

Avoid High Temperatures

When exposed to high temperatures, the chemical composition of CBD oil may change slightly. Store CBD oil in a bathroom or pantry where the air temperature does not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also store your CBD in the refrigerator. 

But before that, we recommend that you clarify whether this storage method is allowed by the manufacturer. To do this, carefully read the label or recommendations in the instructions, or contact support. It should be noted that at low temperatures CBD oil color may become more cloudy, but all the therapeutic properties will be preserved. 

Do not leave CBD in:

  • the car, as the vehicle can get hot in warm weather;
  • for a long time in a bag, especially if you live in a warm state;
  • in the pocket. Our body heat can also influence and raise the temperature of CBD oil;
  • in the kitchen, on the windowsill, near electrical appliances, etc.

Don’t Mix CBD Products From Different Manufacturers

Do not mix products from different brands in the same container. Even minimal differences in composition can reduce the shelf life.

Follow Hygiene Rules

If you are using a spoon or dropper that does not come with the bottle, use a clean one each time. It’ll prevent third-party bacteria or microorganisms from entering the bottle. Also, if you drip CBD under the tongue, avoid contact between the pipette and the mouth.

Close the Bottle

Don’t leave the bottle open for a long time, and always close it carefully after taking CBD to help prevent oxidation.

Store CBD Upright

Try not to carry CBD in your pocket or bag for a long time, but always put it in an upright position after use.

Final Thoughts

Does CBD oil expire? Yes, it expires like any other natural product. After the best before date, the supplement may lose its effectiveness. Still, there are some tips to extend, or at least, not reduce CBD shelf life. Follow the simple rules for CBD storage we have shared above and buy organic and high-quality CBD only. 

Unabis official website is the right place to buy natural CBD oil created according to the best industry practices.

We welcome you to shop CBD right now and make sure of its ultimate quality and longevity! 


Does CBD tincture expire?

Yes, CBD expires. Depending on the brand, product quality, ingredients inside, extraction method, and packaging, it can take an average of 12-24 months. US manufacturers are obliged to specify the expiration date on the packaging so make sure to check it after getting your CBD oil delivered. 

When does CBD oil expire?

CBD expires on average within 12-24 months. A quality CBD oil with a small number of additional ingredients obtained by the CO2 extraction method will remain effective for longer.

How long does it take CBD oil to expire?

The shelf life of CBD oil is 12-24 months on average. A quality CBD oil with a small number of additional ingredients, obtained by the CO2 extraction method, will remain effective for longer. To keep CBD oil fresh for as long as possible, store it in a dark place at room temperature and keep the CBD oil cap tightly closed.

Do CBD gummies expire?

Most CBD products have a long shelf life of 12-24 months. But for maximum effect and flavor, it is best to consume CBD gummies within the first 6-9 months.

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