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How and When to Take CBD for Sleep?

By Jerry HuntMay 4, 2021February 14th, 2022CBD Blog, CBD for Sleep

Taking into account the fact that half of America’s population suffers from sleep disorders, exploring solutions to the problem becomes especially urgent. What is more, traditional medicines are not always effective. CBD-powered products are one of the possible options for dealing with this issue, so in this article, you will find out when to take CBD for sleep, how to do it right, which form to choose, and what health safety rules to follow. 

The Endocannabinoid System, Sleep, and CBD

In fact, the very existence of the Endocannabinoid System as part of the nervous system is in doubt. These processes in the human body are not fully understood by scientists. However, according to the available studies results, this system is based on receptors dispersed in areas of the brain. Arousal or slowing down of these receptors has a direct effect on memory, concentration, excitability, aggression, and key behavioral and cognitive processes.

Since sleep is a process occurring in the brain aimed at resting it and clearing it of toxins, some scientists suggest that the cause of sleep problems should be sought within the Endocannabinoid System, as well as eliminated with the help of cannabinoids.  According to the research, “endocannabinoids are literally a bridge between body and mind.” And since proper sleep is equally essential for physical and mental health, there is the theory that taking CBD products for sleep improvement may be effective. 

What’s more, further studies confirm this statement.

  • According to the Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep research 2019, 79% of focus group participants experienced relief from anxiety symptoms and improved sleep patterns. This effect persisted throughout the study. Also, 66% experienced significant improvements in sleep. This study confirms that CBD can be effective in treating sleep disorders caused by increased levels of anxiety of various types.
  • Also, the Effectiveness of Raw, Natural Medical Cannabis Flower for Treating Insomnia research confirmed significant improvements in coping with insomnia of various character. This study may also demonstrate some options on how much CBD oil to take for sleep, and it has also once more highlighted the quite low risk of developing side effects (10% of the focus group reported them). 

Surely, scientists still have a lot of work to be done, however, a lot of people have already shared positive feedback on the quality of their speed significantly improved. According to the Gallup survey, 14% of Americans are using CBD products regularly and a significant part of them are using CBD for sleep disorders. So, if you want to improve your sleep using natural drugs and leveling the effect on the liver, you should find out when to take CBD oil for sleep, what are the reasons to do it and how CBD affects your body to improve your sleep patterns. Let’s dwell on the latter in more detail. 

When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

To find the right answer to this question, it is necessary to start by listing the possible sleep disorders symptoms you may face: 

  • difficulty falling asleep. In this case, the patient cannot fall asleep for several hours after going to bed. At the same time, a balanced daily routine, adherence to personal biorhythms, and physical activity also do not help to solve the problem.
  • violation of sleep rhythms. As you know, during eight hours of quality sleep (average indicator for an adult person), our brain goes through several phases of rest and cleaning of toxins accumulated during the day. In the case of rhythm disturbance, the brain can remain in the phase of superficial sleep for a long time. In such a case, the patient is on the verge between sleep and wakefulness and may experience a hallucinogenic feeling of wakefulness when in fact the brain is in a semi-dormant state.
  • nightmares. This symptom is typical for patients with mental disorders and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). In this case, the patient needs consultation and most likely constant work with a psychotherapist as well.
  • frequent awakenings in the middle of the night. In this situation, the patient’s sleep is constantly interrupted for no apparent reason.

Important! If one of these symptoms is about you, you definitely need the advice of a therapist, somnologist and, if necessary, a psychotherapist before taking any medications, including those containing CBD extract.

So, when to take CBD for sleep? There are two alternatives:

  1. you can take it an hour before bedtime
  2. or, you can take it in even proportions throughout the day to achieve a cumulative effect by nightfall.

In order to understand which strategy suits you personally, analyze the following factors.

  • Your lifestyle. With an active lifestyle, it can be inconvenient to take CBD for sleep during the day, especially if you prefer the oil form. You will have to carry the oil with you, plus carefully measure the required dosage. In this case, gummies or capsules are a more convenient alternative. In this case, you also need to correctly calculate the dosage to take CBD for sleep in equal proportions.
  • Your health condition. Next, we’ll talk more about precautions and compatible medications if you are taking CBD for sleep. The choice of CBD form, dosage, and timing will depend on your current treatment and general indications or contraindications.
  • Your sleep disorders symptoms. In general, a healthy person with minor sleep disturbances (for example, caused by stress and fatigue) may need a minimum dose to significantly improve sleep and rest. However, in case of serious disorders, only a doctor can advise on the best form, dose, and time to take CBD for sleep.

So, make sure to consult your therapist to find out how to use CBD for sleep or any other sleep disorder, plus find out your personal CBD dosage for sleep. 

How to Take CBD for Sleep?

Let’s find out how to take CBD oil for sleep to make its usage really effective. 

Choose the form

When deciding on how to take CBD oil for sleep, the first thing to start with is to choose the form of the product that suits you best. There are no clear instructions here as the component responsible for improving your sleep may work equally well regardless of form. The only thing to consider is your comfort with the medication, plus you may find that one form of CBD works better than another for your individual case.

For example, you may find out how using CBD oil for sleep is better compared to taking gummies or capsules. To make the right decision, you are welcome to check our CBD oil vs gummies for sleep article and discover how many CBD gummies should you take for sleep. Also, find out the CBD tinctures properties to make a fully informed choice and finally decide how much CBD for sleep you need. 

Choose the dosage

Depending on the product you choose, the required dose will already be determined by the manufacturer and indicated on the package. Just follow these instructions on how much CBD to take for sleep. Also, you may find out more insights into the right dosages in our CBD dosage article and find out how many mg of CBD for sleep are both safe and effective. 

Decide when to take CBD for sleep

For severe sleep disturbances, taking the medication throughout the day may be more effective. How to take CBD oil for sleep depending on the timing and dosage you choose? And how many mg of CBD is recommended for sleep? These questions have almost the same answer. 

A lot of people choose this strategy: start using CBD for sleep from the minimal dosage and take it once per day one hour before bedtime. They monitor the body’s response for several days, and if you do not feel any symptoms that are atypical for them, they gradually increase the dose within the range recommended by the manufacturer.

2 Essential Things to Remember When Taking CBD for Sleep

So, since our сore goal is to improve your condition with natural elements, you need to make sure that taking CBD does not harm you. Thus, you need to reconsider your current health condition and/or possible side reactions to which you may be prone. Below are essential things you need to always keep in mind when taking CBD for sleep or for any other purposes. 

Be especially careful when using CBD and other drugs

Even though CBD is a natural ingredient (but you have to choose a quality product based on your needs and follow the manufacturer’s instructions), the interactions of CBD with other medications may have some side effects.

Studies in mice have shown that CBD has a certain level of hepatotoxicity, meaning your liver is affected in some way while taking CBD. However, when you take CBD oil for sleep and this is the only medicine you use, there is no proven reason to worry about its influence on your liver. 

But once the effects of CBD are amplified by other drugs, the liver reacts differently. Its initial task is to break down the components of drugs, neutralize toxicity, and extract components aimed at your recovery. However, if the liver is overloaded with drugs and CBD at the same time, the toxicity of the drugs you are taking increases because the liver is not coping with its key task.

So, what drugs should not be taken with CBD? 

  • Steroids. Of course, you shouldn’t take CBD along with steroids, as steroids are dangerous in themselves and threaten serious side effects that do not appear immediately. However, there is a scientific suggestion that CBD products may be more effective than steroid treatments. Surely, this statement needs additional research and confirmation. 
  • Antihistamines. In the case of drugs in this group, you need to be careful and follow the “either CBD or antihistamines” rule since CBD affects the enzymes responsible for the correct breakdown of antihistamines., and significantly slows down this process.
  • Sedatives and antidepressants. When drugs in this category are taken along with CBD, it can pose a risk of addiction, as CBD significantly enhances the effects of a sedative or antidepressant. What is more, CBD has specific indications and contraindications for patients with nervous system disorders and mental illnesses.
  • CBD may also be dangerous for patients who recently had organ transplantation surgery, according to the research.

Attention! We are neither authorized to provide medical advice nor can we predict the outcome of CBD interactions with these or any other medications. Please consult your healthcare professional before taking CBD for sleep or any other purpose, and come back to us for advice on our CBD products range. 

Always pay attention to CBD quality and the reliability of the company to buy from

So, we have discovered how to take CBD oil for sleep. Now, let’s find out the main factors that influence the quality of the product you intend to use.  In order to determine the quality of the product you are going to buy, it is enough to follow these simple steps.

  • Start by analyzing the main indicators of quality.  
    • The country where hemp was raised. Products of American origin are always a safer choice, as the cultivation of plants here is strictly regulated by law. According to Farm Bill 2018, any cannabidiol extracted from a hemp grown by a licensed manufacturer is legal. At the same time, this is a guarantee of the quality of the grown product. However, some states still prohibit the use of CBD products, so be sure to check if CBD is legal in your state before purchasing.
    • The way of extraction. There are broad and full-spectrum CBD products, plus CBD isolates. The latter doesn’t contain THC while the first is obtained via CO2 extraction and is more preferable. 
    • THC level. According to the best CBD manufacturing practices, safe and non-addictive products contain no more than 0,03% THC. These products may be legally sold in pharmacies to patients who have a doctor’s prescription. 
    • The absence of GMOs. The high-quality product doesn’t contain GMOs as well but uses organic substances only. 
  • Check the reliability of the manufacturer by reading customers reviews. Carefully read online reviews of the product and manufacturer. However, do not forget that reviews can be fake. We recommend trusting video reviews more, as they have a higher degree of reliability and authenticity.
  • Find out the laboratory tests results. Each bunch of product sold should always be supported by the laboratory tests you are free to request and familiarise yourself with. 
  • The last step is to make sure that the distribution company is also trustworthy. Similar to the previous paragraph, all product and company information should be prominently displayed. Also, upon your request, the support service must provide you with all the necessary quality certificates, as well as advice on assortment, price, and delivery. In case of any question, the support team of the company you are going to buy from should be easily accessible via the communication channel you prefer  – instant chat, phone, or email. 

One more hint! If you are particularly interested in taking CBD oil for sleep, find out how to choose CBD oil in a dedicated guide. 


CBD products are one of the available options for  treating sleep disorders, insomnia, and anxiety. Choosing the right CBD product for yourself, pay attention to its quality which should be confirmed by the manufacturer and backed up by your own research, the ways of CBD extraction and the form of the cure you are comfortable with. Also, don’t forget that these products may have contradictions when used simultaneously with some categories of medicines. What’s more, you should always buy CBD oils from trustworthy companies only. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions and/or request documents confirming the product’s quality. Right now, you are in a reliable place to safely buy CBD-powered cures, so feel free to try any of them or reach out to us for additional help with your choice! 


I am a cannabis and CBD advocate, researcher, and author with over 7 years of experience in consulting CBD producers and sellers on various industry matters. I graduated from OSU, majoring in biology. I live in Seattle with my dog Han and my cat Leia.


When should I take CBD oil for sleep?

You should take these products under the following circumstances exclusively:

  • you are having trouble sleeping and looking for the possible solutions
  • you have consulted your doctor and made sure that you have no contraindications to CBD products
  • you are about to buy CBD oil, gummies, vapes, or capsules from a trusted company that is compliant with FDA requirements.

What is the best way to take CBD for sleep?

The best way is the one that suits you individually depending on your lifestyle, daily habits, and the severeness of your sleep disorder. In general, the active CBD ingredient works the same way regardless of the form of the product, however, you may find that one alternative is more convenient or more effective for you.

How much CBD oil to take for insomnia?

Always start by reviewing manufacturer’s recommendations and follow directions carefully. According to the scientific overview, “the doses ranging between <1 and 50 mg/kg/d” to achieve visible and beneficial effects. However, you don’t have to calculate the dose since it will be indicated on the packaging.

Is CBD for sleep right for me?

If you have symptoms of sleep disturbance, you have no serious contraindications, you are not being treated with the drugs we described above, and you are loyal to CBD products, then this may be what you are looking for. We recommend that you consult with your doctor and test your CBD response starting at the lowest dose. Also, do not hesitate to call or write to us if you have any additional questions about our products.

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