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CBD Dosage for Sleep – Looking for the Right Strategy

By Jerry HuntApril 30, 2021February 9th, 2022CBD Blog, CBD for Sleep
How to beat insomnia - CBD Unabis

30% of the American population suffer from insomnia, while for 10% of them this condition is already chronic. Sleep disorders, insomnia, and anxiety are quite difficult to deal with and treat since they may be both the root and the consequence of a certain health problem. What’s more, a lot of people who have tried to deal with sleep disturbances reported that traditional medicines are effective only until the moment the body gets used to them, so they may serve only as temporary saviors.

CBD, in contrast, may work as a natural, herbal and non-addictive cure, however, choosing the CBD dosage for sleep is essential for making it work for your benefit. In this article, we are going to dwell on choosing the right dosage CBD for sleep depending on the form of the product, the specifics of sleep disorder, and your personal expectations. 

How Does CBD Work for Sleep?

To find out the right CBD oil dosage for sleep, let’s get started with an explanation of the way CBD components interact with the human body. According to the research, there is an Endocannabinoid System that is receptor-based and is responsible for the core nervous process that occurs in our body. The Endocannabinoid System is believed to be a part of the nervous one, and thus, when one of the receptors is influenced by an external factor or medical component, our brain gets the corresponding signal and responds with a certain behavior. 

The Endocannabinoid System has sleep receptors as well. When they are influenced by the active component of CBD, they, according to the researches, are getting calmed, send the corresponding signals to the brain, and thus, the person gradually falls asleep. 

Also, there are some researches that go beyond the specifics of the Endocannabinoid System and prove how CBD for sleep may work in practice revealing potential benefits of CBD when dealing with sleep disorders, insomnia, and anxiety. For example:

  • 2018 Study that explores the potential of CBD for dealing with insomnia states that the focus group has experienced a significant reduction in insomnia symptoms and severity.
  • 2019 Research confirmed that 66,7% of participants changed their sleep patterns and habits for the better with the help of CBD-powered products. 

However, both of the studies were conducted using quite a different CBD dosage so finding the right one for yourself is still essential. 

When to Take CBD for Sleep

The right and effective CBD oil dosage is quite individual and depends on two core factors that are directly related to each other. Here is when to take CBD for sleep taking some specifics into account. 

When to Take CBD for Sleep Depending on Your Condition

Sleep disorder is very tricky since it can manifest itself differently – from rare sleep disturbances to severe insomnia. Depending on your individual case, you may need a different CBD dosage for sleep to cope with the problem. As a rule, sleep disorders may have the following symptoms. 

Difficulty falling asleep. This is quite a common problem that may be a result of stress, overthinking, and fatigue and may have a situational character, or it can be an already long-term symptom. In this case, the patient can lie in bed for a long time without sleep, but when sleep comes, the body will seek to restore physical strength, and the mind will seek to get rid of toxins and experiences accumulated through the day. 

Unpleasant changes in sleep patterns. In this case, the phases of sleep necessary for the full recovery of the body are disrupted. For example, a patient may be in a shallow state of sleep throughout the night, be very sensitive to even minimal noise, experience a hallucinogenic feeling of wakefulness, and feel tired and sleepy in the morning when fully awake.

Nightmares. Even healthy people can have nightmares. According to Freud, this is the reaction of our subconscious, which tries to get rid of our inner fears, forcing us to experience them in a dream. Nightmares can also result from traumatic experiences and lead to a fear of sleep, which in turn can lead to psychosomatic insomnia. In this case, the patient needs the help of a therapist and psychotherapist, and CBD may work as an additional help to calm and stabilize the nervous system.

Severe and long-lasting insomnia. This is the most extreme form of sleep disorder and is usually treated with medication. However, as we said, sleeping pills usually have side effects and can be quite addictive. In such a case, CBD could be a competitive option, as it has been shown to improve symptoms of insomnia, is non-addictive, plus high-quality products are always produced according to all legal and manufacturing standards.

Two Potentially Effective Ways to Take CBD for Sleep Depending on the Intake Time 

Depending on which of the conditions above characterizes your sleep disorder, you can choose between two strategies for taking CBD. Of course, hemp oil dosage per intake will be significantly different. 

Thus, you may take CBD products for sleep: 

  • In the evening, before bedtime. This strategy may be appropriate for the first three cases where the sleep disorder is not as severe. In this case, a minimal or medium CBD dosage for sleep may be enough for you, which we will help you determine further. 
  • Through the day, in even dosages. If you suffer from persistent insomnia, it may be better to take CBD in even doses throughout the day to achieve a cumulative effect towards the night. However, in any case, we recommend starting with a minimal CBD dosage for sleep in order to assess your reaction and develop an individual strategy that will be effective for you.

CBD for Sleep Dosage Essentials

The factors we have listed above are not enough to come up with the only right CBD oil dosage for adults. There are quite more things you should consider while looking for the best CBD experience and solution to your sleep problem as well. 

Things to Consider While Defining Your CBD Dosage

Form of usage

As you know, CBD products come in a wide range so that each user may find the form of CBD he/she will be comfortable with. CBD oil, tinctures, and gummies are the most common CBD forms that are also always chosen by new users for the first CBD experience. Thus, the CBD form is the first factor for determining the right dosage. 

As a rule, CBD tinctures come with the highest dosage of CBD since they are pure CBD extracts and that’s why they promise the fastest effect compared to other products. CBD oil contains the medium dosage of CBD since the CBD components are complemented by other essential oils that also have a beneficial effect on the body. Most novice users choose between CBD oil vs gummies since the latter are marmalade edibles with a low dosage of CBD and different tastes. CBD gummies dosage is also predefined per gummy so it is easier to track the amount of CBD consumed. 

cbd oil vs gummies unabis
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Your current experience with CBD

If you are completely new to CBD effects, we kindly recommend starting with the lowest dosage, observing your reaction, and increasing the dose until reaching the desired results. However, if you already have some CBD experience, you may review your CBD dosage and increase or decrease it depending on your personal reaction and the effect you want to have.

The severity of your condition

As we have stated, minor and rare sleep disturbances may be improved with the low to medium CBD dosage for sleep. In more severe cases, you may need the higher dosage which also should be determined individually.

Also, keep in mind that CBD is not recommended to be used along with some medicines, like steroids, antidepressants, sedatives, antihistamines, and some other cures. Find out what drugs should not be taken with cbd and consult with your healthcare professional to find a safe match. 

Your weight

As in the case with some traditional medicines, CBD dosage for sleep should be calculated taking your weight into account. As a rule, it is recommended to take 1-6 mg of CBD per 10 lbs (or 5 kg) of the body weight. The CBD dosage chart below may be helpful for determining the right CBD dosage according to your weight.

cbd dosage chart

You can also use it as a CBD oil dosage calculator or CBD dosage chart for gummies


Bioavailability means the amount of CBD that actually enters your bloodstream after the CBD product is used. For example, 

  • The bioavailability of CBD beauty products like face creams and lip balms is 0-1% since in this case, CBD doesn’t enter the bloodstream. 
  • CBD products that are taken orally (except for vapes) are suggested to have nearly 6% of bioavailability. However, one more research states that it may reach %13-19. 
  • CBD vapes are believed to have the highest level of bioavailability and they are also famous for their quick-to-come effect. 

However, what do these figures mean for determining the right dosage of CBD oil for sleep (or any other CBD form)? The higher the dosage is, the higher bioavailability will be. However, how long does CBD stay in your system? Logically, the higher the dosage and the higher bioavailability are, the longer CBD will stay in the blood and you will feel the effect you are striving for. 

Manufacturer’s instructions

Most manufacturers of CBD products strive to make the user experience pleasant and safe. Therefore, they indicate safe dosages in the instructions provided with the products. Of course, you need to know all the important factors affecting the dosage regimen, plus take your individual characteristics into account, and in order to make sure that you have correctly determined the dose you need, carefully read the instructions. Also, most beginners start with a lower dose than they think they need and what the manufacturer indicates since the reaction to CBD products is always individual.

Your healthcare professional advice

Also, if you are considering adding CBD products to your daily healthcare routine, be sure to tell your doctor about your intention. Your healthcare professional can also help you choose the best form of CBD products, determine the correct CBD dosage for sleep, and possibly replace the medications you’re taking with CBD-compatible ones. 

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Your personal reaction to CBD components and their influence on your sleep quality

Also, the reaction to CBD components is always individual. The studies of CBD potential for improving sleep have shown that the chances of side effects or no effects are quite low. However, in any case, you need to monitor your reaction and remember that in the case of CBD, there is no universal and one-for-all recipe. In addition, the hidden opportunities of CBD to combat various ailments and serious illnesses are still being researched, so always start with the lowest dose and increase it until the desired effect is achieved.

Best CBD Products to Use for Sleep

As we’ve said, the right CBD dosage for sleep also depends on the form of the product you choose for yourself. We suggest choosing from three basic CBD forms that are loved by both experienced and novice users. 

CBD Gummies for Sleep 

CBD gummies are convenient to take throughout the day since they may be consumed right on the go. Also, it is quite easy to come up with the right CBD gummy dosage and find out the number of gummies you should eat per day to achieve the calming effect right before bedtime. 

Discover Our CBD Gummies Range!

CBD Oil for Sleep

As for CBD oil, it is one of the most popular options for CBD intake. Also, determining the right CBD oil for sleep dosage is quite convenient since the product comes with a dropper and a clear amount of CBD per drop. CBD oil may also be added to your meal and this opportunity makes it a universal option that you may take either before bedtime or during the day along with your meals. 


CBD products for improving the quality of your sleep may be quite promising, according to the research results available to date. What’s more, there are a lot of CBD products forms you may choose from and each of them may potentially help you with sleep disturbances. You are welcome to get in touch with us for additional advice on our product range and competent support during each stage of your CBD journey! 


How to use CBD oil for insomnia?

It’s quite easy to use CBD oil for insomnia. The only thing you have to do is to find a trusted CBD brand and measure the right CBD oil dosage for sleep while being guided by this article and the manufacturer’s instructions. Using Unabis CBD products, this task becomes as easy as possible. What’s more, you may always get in touch with our support team to get competent advice on how you may use CBD products for fighting insomnia and other sleep disorders. 

How many drops of CBD oil for sleep is needed for me?

As a rule, one drop of CBD oil contains 5 mg of CBD. Also, you may calculate the right amount of drops taking your body weight into account since 5 mg of CBD corresponds to 10 lbs (or 5 kg) of the body weight. Thus, if your weight is 50 kg (or 100 lbs), the amount of CBD oil you need is 10 drops. What’s more, you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that your calculations are right and take less than calculated and/or recommended. 

Also, pay attention to CBD oils or tinctures that come with a dropper that allows for measuring your dose more carefully, according to the ml of the products you need to take. Unabis CBD oils and tinctures provide for this possibility as well, and you may be guided by the detailed instructions attached. 

What milligram dosage CBD for sleep is best?

According to the research, the dose-ranging between <1 and 50 mg/kg/ was enough to feel CBD effects. Thus, the right dosage is, firstly, somewhere within this range and secondly, largely depends on the CBD products form you choose, your body weight, the severity of your condition, your experience with CBD or its absence, the approach to CBD intake, and the effect you want to get. So, the best dosage is the one that is calculated individually taking your special characteristics into account. 

What dosage of CBD oil for sleep is safe for me?

To find out the safe CBD dosage, you should take several parameters into account. Firstly, the safe dosage is the synonym for low dosage, especially if you are taking CBD for the first time. Secondly, most users get started with the dosage that is even lower than the one calculated according to their weight and specified by the manufacturer. Thus, to find a safe dosage for the first CBD intake, you may consume two times less than recommended by the manufacturer and is needed based on your weight, monitor your reaction, and gradually increase the dose until reaching the desired effect. 

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