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CBD to THC Ratio for Pain: Find Solution That Will Work For You

By Jerry HuntAugust 20, 2021February 9th, 2022CBD Blog, CBD FOR PAIN RELIEF
CBD to THC Ratio for Pain

The potential effects of a cannabis plant for chronic pain management have long been known before CBD products become mainstream. Dealing with severe pain was one of the first use cases of medical cannabis. The development of this industry leads to the appearance of a wide range of CBD products, most of which are perfectly tailored to the health condition the users may relieve with their help. CBD to THC ratio is one of the features that make CBD products use case-customizable, so let’s find out how the correlation of these two substances influences the effects you may get.

CBD and THC – What is the Difference

As you know, both CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) are the components of the cannabis plant, in addition to other 100+ cannabinoids. The potential effects they can promise slightly overlap but there are still huge differences in their essence. Let’s review them in brief.

What Is CBD

CBD is the most popular and the best-researched hemp component. According to the World Health Organisation, it is believed to be low-toxic and non-addictive. What does CBD feel like and how may it work for your health benefits? Numerous researches have also confirmed that CBD may be helpful for dealing with pain, reducing stress impact and anxiety, improving sleep, and beating insomnia.

CBD doesn’t affect the psyche, changes the perception of reality, and gets you high. The usage of pure CBD can’t be detectable on a drug test as well.

What Is THC

THC, in turn, is a more potent substance, compared to CBD. This is just the component with addictive potential and potential “kick-in” effect, especially when consumed in large doses. But when consumed reasonably, THC may also be helpful for dealing with the same health conditions as CBD, still, you should never forget about its harmful potential.

How Do CBD and THC Help with Chronic Pain Management

Both CBD and THC work within the Endocannabinoid system, which is part of the nervous one. The Endocannabinoid system is powered by receptors, and they, in turn, when enhanced by the CBD and THC, affect the endocannabinoids of the human body. To put it simply, cannabidiol and tetrahydro cannabidiol connect to the human cannabinoids via receptors and help them work in a healthier way.

Still, this connection is different for CBD and THC since their molecular structure is different as well. THC molecular structure is very similar to one of the human cannabinoids, and this explains the more potent effect THC may promise. As for CBD, it binds a little weaklier, and some researchers suggest that THC helps to establish this connection.

Entourage Effect of Medical Marijuana

Despite there being different research stating that CBD may have an impact by itself, most scientists, as well as users, agree that using CBD that is supported by the legal amount of THC turns out to be a more effective option for dealing with various health conditions. Pain management isn’t an exception. In this case, CBD and THC combination promotes a team effect, helping to establish better and stronger connections between these natural cannabinoids and the ones of the human body.

In this case, THC helps CBD to better reveal its properties, according to the research. The same study also suggests that CBD, in turn, may be a kind of protective tool against the psychoactive properties of THC. Still, the UK-based research states that finding the best CBD to THC ratio is the key to balancing the potential effects each of the ingredients may promise.

That’s why full-spectrum CBD products are the most popular hemp-derived solutions. They come with CBD as the main ingredient, plus are supplemented by THC in their legal amount. Still, the CBD to THC ratio can be different so let’s find out more about their possible correlations.

Common CBD: THC Ratios

CBD products may come with quite different CBD ratios to THC ratios. Understanding the meaning of this indicator and keeping in mind the potential opportunities each of the cannabinoids may promise can help you better tailor the CBD product you intend to buy to your health needs. There are CBD dominant, THC dominant, or equal ratios (1:1).

CBD Dominant Ratios

CBD dominant ratio means that there is more CBD than THC in the product compound.

  • 20:1. This ratio means that the amount of CBD is 20 times higher compared to the amount of THC. Such products with a high CBD to THC ratio can be an option for those who want to avoid THC influence.
  • 10:1. In this case, the amount of THC is higher compared to the previous option. THC is still unlikely to cause psychoactive effects.
  • 5:1. This CBD to THC ratio shows that there is 5 times more CBD than THC in the product. This is already a THC-potent solution.

THC Dominant Ratios

THC dominant ratios mean that there is more THC than CBD in the product compound. Despite such products still may fit into the legal framework, their usage is contraindicated for those working with the sources of increased danger and/or responsibility.

  • 20:1. This is a very potent THC solution that is quite likely to influence the mental state. It can be used for very severe pain, for example,  it may be an effective CBD THC ratio for cancer treatment. 
  • 10:1. Here the amount of THC is a little lower, still, it will be enough to get high. In most cases, it may be a sufficient CBD to THC ratio for pain
  • 5:1. This THC to CBD ratio may suit experienced CBD users with mild health challenges but predictable responses to THC.

So, What Is the Best CBD Ratio for Pain Relief?

As for the best CBD ratio for pain, the right choice is health challenge-dependent.

What Type of Pain Are You Experiencing?

Since THC comes as a component with higher potency compared to CBD, it can be an option for dealing with severe pain. Still, you have to keep in mind the potential effects of THC. Despite the suggestion that CBD can work as a protective tool against THC psychoactive effects, the latter is still toxic and addiction-provoking. 

Mild and infrequent pain, accordingly, can be managed with the help of CBD-dominant ratios or the products where the correlation of CBD THC ratio for pain is equal. The latter statement is also backed up by the research dwelling on the opportunities of a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio for intractable cancer pain and neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis. According to scientists, this is the best CBD ratio for pain in relation to THC.  The equal amount of CBD and THC may be also an effective solution for dealing with brain cancer pain in patients with low survival rates. 

Do You Want to Avoid the “High” Effect?

CBD products with THC dominant ratios may promise a high effect. If you want to avoid it, consider the products mostly powered by CBD. In this case, the best THC CBD ratio may be 10:1 or 20:1 where CBD is dominant.


CBD oil is the most popular CBD option most novice users prefer to get started with. How to choose CBD oil proceeding from its compound and CBD to THC ratio? First, you have to decide whether you would like to use a full-spectrum product (with THC in its compound that may come with different ratios) or a broad-spectrum CBD (a THC-free option or pure ratios CBD products). The latter may be a good choice for those eager to find out the potential CBD influence. Depending on your body’s response and the severity of your health condition, you may switch to a full-spectrum solution and only then experiment with different CBD to THC ratios.

Let’s get started with CBD oil already today! Shop our top-notch full-spectrum tinctures of different CBD potency right now! 

CBD Gummies

The mechanism for CBD gummies’ choice depending on CBD to THC ratio is the same as with the oils. Still, you have to keep one more important point in mind. According to the Harvard Gazette, there are a lot of CBD products with inaccurate labeling. To put it simply, the CBD to THC ratio indicated in the packaging may not always be truthful. That is, you are better to buy CBD from trusted brands only, after carefully researching their online reputation and real users’ feedback.

Unabis stands for transparency, honesty, and the fully-informed choice. Discover the range of our CBD gummies to make sure how we have mixed these values with the high-end quality! 

Do You Need to Pass Drug Tests on Your Job?

When making the final decision on the CBD to THC ratio that might be helpful with your pain, keep in mind that THC, unlike CBD, is detectable on a drug test. CBD and THC may also stay in your system for several hours to several days, depending on the dosage you have consumed.

That is, if your work obliges you to take drug tests frequently, you are better to choose the products with CBD dominant ratio. Despite some amount of THC that will still be present, in this case, you are unlikely to fail the drug test.

Talk to Your Doctor First

Also, make sure to consult your doctor before getting started with CBD and before deciding on CBD to THC ratio on your own. Your healthcare therapist will suggest the correlation that may work in your case and promise a pain-relieving effect. They will also be able to adjust your treatment plan to make it CBD-compatible.


The right CBD to THC ratio largely depends on your health conditions and your attitude towards THC consumption and its potential effects. Regardless of the CBD products you choose, make sure to buy them from a reliable brand. This is an almost unlimited guarantee that the real correlation of CBD to THC will match the one indicated on the packaging, and you will be more likely to get the effects you expect. Unabis delivers our high-end CBD solutions created from US-grown hemp to all 50 states, so you are welcome to review our product range and get your favorite pick shipped for free!


I am a cannabis and CBD advocate, researcher, and author with over 7 years of experience in consulting CBD producers and sellers on various industry matters. I graduated from OSU, majoring in biology. I live in Seattle with my dog Han and my cat Leia.


What Is the Best CBD Oil Ratio for Pain?

The best CBD to THC ratio for pain depends on your pain severity. According to the general rule, THC is a more potent option to deal with severe pain and pain that’s difficult to treat with the help of painkillers. Still, there is research dwelling on the opportunities of a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio in cancer and multi sclerosis patients, and the results of the study are quite promising. 

What Is the Best CBD/THC Ratio for Pain Relief?

The equal amount of CBD and THC in the product compound may be the best option in this case. Still, we kindly advise getting started with CBD dominant ratios since the effects of CBD are safer and better predictable compared to the ones of THC. 

Is THC and CBD Oil in 1:1 Ratio the Best for Pain?

Yes, according to the users’ reviews and the research, such a CBD to THC ratio may be the most promising for pain management. When you are consuming an equal amount of these substances, you may expect that CBD will balance the psychoactive effects of THC, letting the latter make a pain-relieving impact only. 

What Is the Best CBD THC Ratio for Nerve Pain

1:1 may be considered the best ratio CBD to THC for pain, according to the users’ reviews and scientific research. The issue of neuropathic pain is also going to be researched in Germany very soon, so there is a great hope that scientists will be able to uncover more insights on the THC to CBD ratio for a health challenge of this kind. 

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