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How to Take CBD Oil?

By DariaAugust 25, 2021November 2nd, 2021CBD Blog
How to take CBD oil

Ever since hemp and its derivatives have been separated from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act, the popularity of CBD products has been growing exponentially. Many manufacturers currently use cannabidiol to produce myriads of goods, including supplements, food and drinks, beauty products, topicals, and even more. 

If you want to give those products a try but are still not sure what product to choose and how to take CBD right, we’re here to guide you. Here, we’ll review the most common CBD products, their benefits, and the best way taking CBD oil. So, let’s start right away!

CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops are a combination of hemp extract with a carrier oil, most commonly coconut oil. By adding other natural components to this mix, manufacturers produce CBD oil tinctures in various flavors. 

Pure CBD oil is usually bottled and provided with a dropper or pipette to facilitate consumption. Manufacturers typically offer drink CBD oil drops in different strengths to cater to both newbies and experienced users.

Why Choose CBD Oil Drops

Drops have a series of advantages that make this type of CBD product one of the most attractive for users. Let’s have a look at them.

  • High bioavailability. When taken sublingually, CBD oil drops show better bioavailability than other orally consumed CBD products. High level of CBD oil bioavailability allows more CBD components to enter your blood circulation and promotes the better efficiency of the endocannabinoid system.
  • Quicker impact. If taken after a meal, CBD oil tincture drops can influence your endocannabinoid system faster than the majority of other cbd oil capsules -containing products.
  • Customized serving. A handy dropper bundled with CBD oil drops lets you take the exact amount of CBD you need to achieve your purpose. The dropper has marks to help you identify the amount of CBD oil you fetch from a bottle and easily adjust it. It makes CBD oil drops the best way to take CBD oil for beginners.

In another blog article of ours, we explain how to choose the best CBD oil to suit your needs

How to Take CBD Oil Drops

You can take CBD oils by dropping the required dosage under your tongue. This area is full of capillaries, and that’s why CBD oil is better absorbed there by our body. Before swallowing the CBD oils, we recommend holding it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds and then rubbing the oil into your gums and cheeks.

Easily customize your serving and take advantage of high CBD bioavailability with our CBD oil drops! 

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are probably the most enjoyable CBD products available today. These CBD candies are made with sweet marmalade and CBD extracted from hemp. CBD gummies, similarly to CBD oil drops, come in a vast diversity of tastes and flavors.

Why Choose CBD Gummies

Apart from having a nice look, CBD gummies can offer more significant benefits for their users. Here, we review the principal ones:

  • Convenient consumption. You can take CBD gummies at work and in public areas without the risk of catching disapproving looks and comments. It’s especially vital since 26% of Americans still think CBD and marijuana are the same things. Moreover, CBD gummies are the best way to take CBD for those with an active lifestyle who travel a lot and often need to take medicines and supplements with them. With CBD gummies, you can be sure that the contents of your bag are safe and sound even if the package of your gummies isn’t shut tight enough. 
  • Constant dosage. Each CBD gummy contains a fixed amount of CBD components. When taking CBD gummies, you won’t need any additional tools like pipettes to keep track of your CBD dosage.
  • Pleasant taste. The oily and herbal taste of CBD oil drops may be a turn-off for some people. And CBD gummies have a compelling advantage in this case. They allow their users to get all the benefits of CBD while enjoying the delicious taste of marmalade.

How to take CBD Gummies

The answer to the question “How to take CBD gummies?” is far less complicated than the one about the CBD oil drops. The way you can consume CBD gummies is not much different from the way you eat ordinary sweets. You can simply chew or suck them.

Often need to support your well-being on the go? Try our CBD gummies!

CBD Capsules

Another type of CBD product designed for oral consumption is CBD capsules. These are capsules made either of bovine gelatin or vegetable cellulose and filled in with a mixture of cannabis plant extract and carrier oil.

Why Choose CBD Capsules

Although CBD capsules are orally consumed just as CBD gummies, they have distinctive features and unique benefits. So, let’s look through the most significant of them. 

  • Absence of pronounced taste and flavor. While the tastes of CBD oil drops and CBD gummies can be considered as two extremes that are opposite to each other, the CBD capsules are a golden mean with a neutral taste. Since CBD oil is placed inside a hermetic gelatin or cellulose capsule, your taste buds won’t feel the taste of the oil. 
  • Comfortable use. Like CBD gummies, CBD capsules are suitable to carry with you and have a constant CBD dosage in each item. These factors make CBD capsule consumption somewhat easier as compared to CBD oil drops.
  • Sugar-free product. In contrast to CBD gummies, CBD capsules are sugar-free and don’t influence the level of insulin in your body. If you fancy the convenience and portability of CBD gummies but need to keep your insulin level or weight under control, CBD capsules are a good option for you.

How to take CBD Capsules

The way of taking CBD capsules is identical to taking traditional pills. Just place a CBD capsule into your mouth and swallow it with a sufficient amount of water.

CBD Topicals 

CBD topicals are CBD-infused products that you can apply directly to your body parts. People commonly use CBD topicals to reduce joint or muscle pain. 

Various types of CBD topicals differ in density. The most common CBD topicals are:

  • CBD salves – dense ointments that are usually a mix of hemp extract and beeswax. CBD salves are produced without water but may contain various herbs or extracts to provide complementary effects. CBD salves are usually packed in glass and aluminum jars or sticks.
  • CBD creams – CBD-infused products that are similar to CBD salves but are made with the addition of water. CBD density of CBD creams is significantly lower than that of CBD salves, but CBD creams still are relatively thick. CBD creams are usually distributed in tubes, bottles, or jars.
  • CBD sprays – fluid CBD topical products that are watery enough to let users spray it on aching, inflamed or injured parts of their body. CBD sprays are provided in bottles with a dispenser.

Why Choose CBD Topicals

The CBD topicals provide benefits that significantly differ from those of the CBD products we mentioned above. Check them out:

  • Local use. In contrast to CBD oil drops, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules, CBD topicals are not taken orally but applied to the skin in places where it’s most required. Although the bioavailability of CBD topicals is still uncertain, there’s evidence that CBD topicals may be effective. For instance, research shows that topical application of CBD helps to reduce inflammation, joint swelling, and pain associated with arthritis in rats. American Academy of Dermatology Association states that cannabis-derived products may have the potential to alleviate acne, psoriasis, and eczema due to their anti-inflammatory properties
  • Additional effects. CBD topical manufacturers often mix CBD extract with other components that provide increased or supplementary effects to CBD topicals. For instance, anti-inflammatory CBD topicals can contain curcumin that also has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, various ingredients allow CBD topicals to provide either cooling or warming effects.
  • Fewer concerns. Even though there’s too little evidence on the bioavailability of CBD topicals, it’s considered to be lower than that of oil drops, gummies, and capsules. It makes CBD topicals more acceptable for those prejudiced against CBD and its possible side effects but still want to use its potential to their health’s advantage. Dr. Jacknin from the American Academy of Dermatology Association states that dermatitis is the only side effect of topical cannabis treatment. Moreover, dermatitis is more likely to be caused by additional ingredients rather than cannabis-derived components.

How to use CBD Topicals

The way to use CBD topicals dramatically resembles how we use average balms, creams, and sprays. You need to apply it to the skin around the painful area of your body, be it joints or muscles, and slightly rub it into the skin with massage movements.

How to Take CBD Oil: Recommendations From Unabis

The intention to try CBD products is indeed an important decision and requires responsibility regarding your health. Further in the article, we’d like to provide a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure that you’re using CBD in the right way.

Establish your goals

First of all, you need to understand the purpose of using CBD. CBD has tremendous therapeutic potential, but you need to make sure if CBD can help in your particular case. The positive effects of CBD that users seek the most are the following:

In case you think CBD can help to achieve your purpose and has the potential to improve your health, you’re welcome to take the next step.

Talk to your doctor

Inform a physician about your intentions. If your physician is aware of the CBD’s effects, they will identify any contraindications and full spectrum oils. If not, you’ll need to consult a healthcare expert familiar with CBD and the effects it can have on the human body. 

Make sure to let a healthcare provider know about your health state, the symptoms you want to cure with the help of CBD, and the other medications you will be using along with CBD. The more information you give, the easier it’ll be for the health provider to give you appropriate recommendations.

Choose consumption form

Based on the information we’ve provided about CBD oil drops, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and CBD topicals, choose the consumption form for yourself. 

Evaluate the convenience and bioavailability of each CBD consumption form, consider your lifestyle, think of the time and place you’ll need to take the CBD at, and decide which CBD consumption form suits you better.

Find a reliable brand

The decency of the CBD product brand is one of the critical factors for your positive experience with CBD. When choosing a CBD product brand, make sure to pay attention at:

  • CBD extraction method – The two extraction methods that preserve all the natural properties of CBD and don’t deteriorate it are cold press CBD extraction and CO2 extraction. At Unabis, we offer CBD products made with organic CO2 extracted CBD.
  • Laboratory test results – Third-party laboratory tests are the guarantee of the CBD products’ quality and safety. Unabis gives free access to the laboratory tests of the CBD products we offer to let you verify each product patch’s quality. 
  • Customer reviews – The feedback of the brand’s existing customers is vital as well. Check their reviews on the brand’s official website or third-party services like Trustpilot. 

When a proper CBD product brand is found, you can proceed to the last but stil essential step.

Consider the dosage

The best option is to discuss the dosage with your healthcare provider. In other cases, we advise starting small. Here’s the step-by-step guide for beginners to define an appropriate dosage.

  1. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. CBD product manufacturers usually state a recommended dosage in the product instructions. Make sure to stick to them and don’t increase the dosage without a reasonable cause. 
  2. Observe your symptoms for several days. Examine your health state for at least 3-5 days and try to notice if the CBD product you’re using brings any positive results. Don’t expect the CBD oil to work right away. CBD may have a cumulative effect, and repetitive treatment shows its efficiency sooner or later.
  3. Proceed with the current dosage or make adjustments. If you feel improvement, most probably, the current dosage serves your purpose well, and you can continue with it. If not, you might try to increase the dosage after the consultation with your healthcare provider.

Here’s another article that draws on more details on how to choose your CBD dosage


Taking CBD for the first time may be quite a challenge for anyone. In this article, we gathered all the information to acquaint you with the significant CBD consumption forms, their specifics, and benefits to help you answer how to take CBD oil properly.


How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

The time it takes CBD oil to work varies in different CBD-containing products. It can be between 30 minutes and 2 hours. If you want fast effects, we suggest you take CBD oil sublingually after a meal. 

How much CBD to take?

The best option to define how much CBD to take is to discuss the CBD dosage with your healthcare provider. In other cases, we advise starting small. 

How to take CBD tincture?

You can take CBD oil tincture by dropping the required dosage under your tongue. This area is full of capillaries, and that’s why CBD oil is better absorbed there by our body. Before swallowing the CBD oil, we recommend holding it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds and then rubbing the oil into your gums and cheeks. 

How often can I take CBD oil?

Some people use CBD oil once a day, while others can use it several times a day. But it highly depends on the severity of your health condition and you’d better discuss your CBD regimen with your healthcare provider. 

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